All signs, tiime to hold on to your hats or

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  What is that saying?  - Get in, sit down, shut up and hold on?

  Yes, LP Family, the road ahead may be both rocky and fabulous, but the rocky may come first so think before you act.  We are now within the 72 hour window from the HUGE Gemini Full Moon on the 12th.  This moon will be opposing Sag and squabbling with all the biggies - Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Uranus.  Of the 5, I think Uranus is the one to consider first.  The planet of the unexpected, can't be planned for, out of the blue, didn't see that coming... you get the picture.  Teamed up with all the others, Mars (war), Saturn (reality), Venus (Love) and Sag (big thinking), the best plan may be to maintain the status quo and make plans at minimum beyond the 15th.

    The Sun Signs that will feel this Moon outright will be Gem/Sag/Virgo/Pisces - and if you have strong aspects to these in your birth chart, you're in the mix too.  I'm pretty sure Gemini is going to feel the brunt of this but it's such a powerful lineup, every single sign will be affected.  If you haven't and are so inclined, you really need to check out your personal December horoscope.

    There are some that believe this particular lunar situation lends itself to the more luney of times. Please, let's not debate whether the moon is able to influence human/animal/number behavior.  Let's just prepare ourselves so that we don't see any lunacy during this period for any reason.   If there was ever a time to 'check' yourself, this is it.   We must absolutely expect the unexpected in every situation.  I tend to harp on driving, but it's a biggie so pay a little closer attention to your wheeling neighbor as he/she or they may have other things in mind besides driving. The fact that the moon will hit it's peak on a Friday may also influence the outcome.   Beyond driving, I personally would not make any major decisions involving love or money until next week.     

  But wait, there's more.  On the 12th, in addition to the Gemini Full Moon, Mercury is moving from Sag to Cap.  Mercury and Gemini go hand-in-hand.  Gemini and Mercury herald quick communication and getting it done.  Capricorn will muddle things with it's stoic, plodding, thorough, grit-your-teeth until its done attitude.  However, may it will be what we need for the moment to bring some stability into the picture. 

    And what of the numbers?  Well, there are full moons more associated with triples than others.  Way, way back (in another lifetime and on another lottery website), I dabbled in mixing up various planetary lineups with the incidence of triples (primarily) falling in certain states.  From then to now, the experience lends me to believe this will be a triple-summoning planetary lineup but don't forget the surprises!  They are already falling like snowflakes here and the usual triple buzz is flowing through the forums.  Intuitively I'm seeing triples everywhere very strongly. Surprising to me, it's 7's especially because 7's have never been a favorite of mine and I rarely have ever played them.  I'm also seeing 2's followed by virtually every triple.    I am also flashing on recent falls as replays - 6868, 400, 887, 6788, 5718 and 718 in any form. These are all recent falls or repeats but I keep seeing them anyway.  A sneaker might be 1177, 4000, 050.   I do wonder if the suprise might be back-to-back trips or even another quad or two in the mix.  There is so much flight of ideas numbers-wise and downright instability I can honestly say I don't think anything would surprise me short of a national lottery shutdown.  On no.  Did I say that outloud?

    Then, in short order, Jupiter will finally move from Capricorn into Aquarius.  But that is definitely another story.

     May this planetary-charged end of week and weekend bring you only good, good stuff and, most of all, winning numbers! Sun Smiley

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Thanks so much jake, hope you always be blessed!!!!!!


Thank you very much JAKE! This was very very informative!

I am in agreement with the trips...especially 7

Continue to be blessed...


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Thanks, Jake. Peace and Blessings to you.

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   Thanks Lilt, Lady, and BrightMink - not DE but my Daddy would have been proud of that 7711 for Mass today.  I hope someone got it!  J

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        Jake, you have me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to read what's going to happen next. Thanks for the heads up.

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In response to Lucky Star

  Hey LS, always good to hear from you!   I do hope these days are packed with good stuff for you.  I have to admit, I'm almost holding my breath.   That's the thing about astrology - with every soul born at a different point in universal time, what works for one is different for another, if ever so slightly.  Nevertheless, I'm watching my P's and Q's pretty darn close.  I try not to get worked up too much over what might happen, but I believe the adage that Knowledge is Power.  It certainly can't hurt beyond the pain of expectation/anticipation.  Sorry, there I go on a tangent....again....

Take good care.  I hope the holidays bring you comfort and joy.  J


Thanks Jake.. From one gemini to the other!Cheers

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