Holy Mackerel! MM jumps to $207M

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Hope I'm posting in the correct area! LOL


And some didn't think it would happen! Our Mega Millions has jumped from $170m to $207m! I was hoping it would break the $200m mark and it did! 

I didn't win anything...gee  big suprise.  Hope some of you had better luck in grabbing up some loot!


Winning Numbers:



I thought for sure someone had won it with these numbers.  My guess was it would have numbers in the 50's but I was wrong.


Good Luck to all on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Get Some! Get Some!!!Banana

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Yeap the lotto has passed the 200 mark. I saw that coming...

as for my tickets... i only matched 2 white balls which gets you----- NOTHING lol


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Wow, that is a big jackpot! Man, I really wish I was able to pick up a few tickets.

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That is a high jackpot, but this should be in the "Jackpot Games" forum.

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Then he can move it for me.......No biggie!


I matched the mega ball for 200 cents!!


Whats amazing is that the cash option is almost 70% of the jackpot!! i am taking cash ALL DAY!



but..lets get the numbers right before we think about that.


Does anyone know of a Mega Millions matrix change any time in the near future?

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In response to Guru101

I'll suggest that this is a good place. I'm guessing that "Holy Mackerel!" is because of the size of the jump at least as much as because of the jackpot size. It's a large jump, considering the level, and the cash value. The real story here is how well the lottery is doing despite the uncertainties of the economy, and other lotteries losing sales.

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<Moved to Jackpot Games forum>

Please post in the appropriate forum ... thank you.

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Would love to have that big cheez, fo' sho'! I would take my wife and kids away to paradise.


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