Mega at 207 - cash prize is still 68%

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Sales are also up. Funny how sales reflect the cash prize more than the annuity value.

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It doesn't surprise me.

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Stop teasing me already and let me win! BS


The destruction of the financial system by the scammers in the Bush administration has implications in this case, since interest rates are low on government bonds.   This is because they are considered as safe compared to say, stocks, or corporate bonds.   They are not safe, but they are considered so.

Back in 2007, the annuity to cash ratio was more like 59%, meaning that the cash prize in the current drawing would have generated a marketing claim of a $239 million jackpot.

I always rely on the cash value to determine the expectation value for a jackpot.    The annuity value is meaningless.

If hyperinflation strikes - and well it might - all jackpots will be worthless.

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Roll Eyes

Yeah, this is all on the Bush administration, none of this stuff has been in the works since the 90s if not the 80s or 70s nor has the Democrats played any role into it.


Exactly.   You start wars for Halliburton, you put all your foxy pals in the henhouse, you hand your pals the keys to the vaults, you get what you should expect.

According to today's WSJ/CBS poll 48% of Americans rate Bush as the worst President ever.

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