Question for All States/Canada Online Players re Profitability

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Hi Everyone,

Here's my first question.

If you're playing online through some type of service, does it allow you to play the US and Canada pick 4 games using just one service, or would you need a different service to play Canadian pick 4?

Secondly, let's say your Monday EVE workout from 12/1 produced 64 numbers to play for the next four draws (12/2 MD and Eve and 12/3 MD and Eve), resulting in the following stats:


Tuesday MD = 2 box hits

Tuesday EVE = 11 hits, including 10 boxed and 1 straight (8 of the box hits were doubles) 

Wednesday MD = 2 box hits

Wednesday EVE = 3 boxed hits


Assuming that further testing produced similar results, the question is, how many hits would you need to have to make a profit if you were playing all states and Canada online? How profitable would the above hit scenario be, given that you would not have to pay .50 per number as you would have to do at your local lottery store?

And how much would you have to pay per number online? Does anyone know? (Guess I should do some research, but if you already know, please share Smile.)

Thanks for any insights, thoughts--

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