I won $5 dollars

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I won it on a Massachusetts lottery game that I subscribe to. My point is why do they bother sending out checks for small prizes, I have won several small prizes $5 and $10. Why not credit small prizes, less that $200 or an amount chosen by the subscriber, to the subscribers account to be used upon renewal, or cashed if the subscriber chooses not to renew? That would be more efficient for the lottery and more convenient for subscribers.

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Congratulation!Hyper  Every little bit helps.  Be thankul for small wins..

Texas Joey

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In response to myturn

Have you suggested to them to do this? I doubt it will work, but you should email or call them and ask if they can add the smaller prizes to your subscription.

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In response to ThatScaryChick

I totally agree with thescarychick. You may get a pleasant surprise from your local lottery administration in their response to the subject. Especially if they can find away to use the winning money as an advantage to them first before renewing your subscriptions. Unleast this would cause them to have to generate more work for them to keep up with the data from each persons' win.

Dropping a suggestion from them may only bring back a response that they will bring up the matter in future meetings with accounting.Green laugh

Good luck

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For Mega Millions subscriptions, the NY lottery does this - you have the option of choosing to have anything under $10 credited to your account. (If you don't renew, they'll send a check for the balance at the end of your subscription.)

I'm not sure if they do this for the NY state lottery. (Not sure why they'd do one and not the other.)

I'd go ahead and suggest it - I can't see why they wouldn't agree.

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send them the suggestion

but since it's state run, the bonesheads don't know any different. lol

i'd be happy if they'd send a coupon for 5 bux to spend on more tickets.

but of course, someone in the office might get the idea to steal coupons.

which opens up more worms. ... bleh

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Congratulations! Better than nowt. Smile


congratulations! a small win is still a win :P

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