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I am a new member here at lp just want to say hi to everybody and its great to be here. and thank u raven62 for that bit of info a few minutes ago .

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Welcome to LP BigMomie....!

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thank u MADDOG10

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Welcome bigmomie! See Ya!

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Thank U, ThatScaryChick

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Welcome to the Lottery Post!!!

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Thank u Shawn67

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In response to bigmomie

You're Welcome Bigmomie!

What is/are your Favorite Game/Games?

How do you go about selecting the Numbers you Play: Do you do Statistical Analysis or do you favor Dream Numbers?

Lots of Luck,

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I Only Play picck 3 and 4 in Fla, Ny, and  Ill. Select # from  Birthdays 0r Dreams. some times i play # that

other people like. someone is 12 tomorrow so i will play 012  121 1212 0012 in those three houses.

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In response to bigmomie

Welcome bigmomie

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In response to bigmomie

Hi, welcome to LP.

You play those box or straight?

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i play them straight, but if i would get in the habit of boxing i would win like 4 to 6 times a week. and thank u

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thank u janet40

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Welcome to LP BigMomie !

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welcome this is a great sight all friendly members you will get a lot of info if needesd 6's and 0's have been in florida's  draws a lot past couple of days 

would try  602 today 6x2=12 a hunch for birthday today

good luck


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