Numbers you'd hate

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31, 36, 38, 41, 44, 48

How many of you wouldn't like it if you got a QP and those numbers  were on it? All in the top half of the number pool, 4 even, and the last 3 numbers almost repeat the first 3 10 higher.  Somebody in NY just won $7 million (annuity value) with those numbers. I figured it would have been a QP, but it was a subscription, so they played that set for a full year.

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Maybe the numbers are people's ages.


I've never met a number I didn't like.

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I probably wouldn't pick something like that myself, but wouldn't be dissapointed if I got 'em on a QP.

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Here  are some of the mega million numbers that were drawn since the last matrix change.


Any set of numbers no mater what they are have every bit of a chance of being drawn as any other set of numbers.

I will agree if i received a set of all high numbers like these i would think i didn't have a chance of winning but one never knows until the big dance.

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In response to MaddMike51

I Agree!  All high numbers, all low number, all even numbers, all odd number ... these events do occur in every game 


I will never do QP ever again.  Last week the machine picked 40,47,49,55,56 (4)

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I hate all sets of numbers that I get that aren't winners...

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In response to KY Floyd

Any six numbers can be drawn on any given day.  However many lines are possible in a particular lottery, each has an equal chance of being drawn.  It's only over the long term that staistics come into play, so over a thousand draws or so, that combiination you mentioned would be a low percent play....but it certainly could be drawn during that time.

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In response to djklaugh

The only numbers or rather sets I'd have a problem with are 1,2,3,4,5 mega number 6.  Or that type of pattern.  Although it can hit as easily as anything else, I would take issue if I were to get it on a qp and especially if it came up on a draw.  And if someone would hit with those numbers I would probably start thinkging that the lottery is fixed.  I know it sounds unreasonable but I would.

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In response to SmoothJuice

Despite the winning numbers I posted, the ones posted by four4me, and the comments that every combination has the same chance of being drawn? Maddmike may not have met a number he didn't like, but there are plenty of combos I would avoid. They're just not the ones that so many players think are "bad" combos. By choosing numbers like your QP I can be fairly sure that  I've reduced the chances that another ticket will have the same combo. That gives me an equal chance of winning, and a better chance of being the only winner. I'm sure I'd have an even better chance if the 70% of players who do buy QP's would stop, and start choosing their own numbers. The real problem with QP's is that the RNG would be perfectly hapy to choose the same numbers that I do.

@coin toss: The numbers could be ages or a million other things. I'd certainly be interested to hear the winner explain how they were chosen.

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