My Picks 12/4 Evening

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013 015 035 135

457 458 478 578

027 029 079 279

018 019 089 189

New Jersey
124 128 148 248

New York
017 019 079 179
236 237 267 367

South Carolina
046 048 068 468

135 138 158 358

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Hey nice numbers! I have some of those same numbers in my predictions! but im feeling strongly about 279

for evening! I have seen it in every system and in alot of predictions!

my numbers for GA 12-4

279, 215, 775, 216, 512, 159, 789, 210, 260, 173, 203, 702, 902


Any suggestions or comments please reply or send me a message! thanks!

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Let the Evening Games begin!

Good luck to everyone.

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  Congrats jackBanana297

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In response to Cash3Addict

Very Nice Jack and Cash3!!!!...what "system" do you use?

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Thank you, EVERYONE!  And congratulations to Cash3Addict for being RIGHT ON with the 279!

Georgia  297
027 029 079 279

That's TWO wins in Georgia today for me!

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In response to Jack-C

whoooo hooo!!!! YAYYYY


i win i win i win!!!

lol Jack our number won! congrats! amazing , how did u figure yours out? I just gained $840. Darn i should have played more.

Jack if you have any predictions for tomorow please post here or send me a message for the midday and evening and i will kindly do the same!

Congrats and good luck to everyone! Best of wishes!

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In response to Cash3Addict

I have received MANY PMs from people saying that they missed my Midday win but they played my evening numbers and made BIG money.  I don't recommend playing online, but that is what they did and like you made a LOT of money.  I'm glad I could help.

My predictions for Midday tomorrow are already posted (My Picks 12/5 Midday).

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Ok nice, oh and i did win $40 on midday today i played 159 box .50 i think. I should of played more but i didnt. Oh and im going to post my predictions later tonight for tomorows drawings. Thanks for everything! How much did u win today? Oh and when will you be posting your evening numbers? thanks

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In response to Cash3Addict

I didn't win anything, yet.  Maybe tonight.  I can only play California.  I will probably post my numbers this evening around midnight or a little after Eastern Time.

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oh ok, if i may ask, which system are you using bud?

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In response to Cash3Addict

That is hard to answer.  I have used many different methods with some success and, of course, I might not get another hit for 2 months!!  Right now, I am "the man", but that happens!  Mostly luck.

Anyway, what I do is look at the last few draws and see what numbers seem to be hitting most and least and pick 4 that look good to me, then wheel those 4.  Again, it is mostly luck and I don't expect to keep winning!! 

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