right up to tree day

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pkgs, cards : 034 108 502.  back up with 215  134 and 118. 

the 34 repeats in Ga so it will come again before the cards and gifts are done arriving.

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death numbers for a few days. RIP old numbers friend.


death Ga 084 209 712 125 697 `087 771 (NY 3010)(Fla 413 710) (DC 904)(Oh 842) (Tn 092)


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Diabetes :


diabetes (De 2894)


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New baby boy in Po's family


baby 122 110 112 *586 8384 (De ILL 960) (Tn 121 8283) (NY **586 823 5658)(ILL 110)


baby boy ( NY ILL 540)


baby cont.(TS MI 201)(ILL 013 313*270)(KS Ne 654)(Fla 283)



ga mid day 8387   7=4


great call, i missed it had bought my numbers last nite

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I dreamed of my feet.  And a number - 215.


foot/feet 928 (ILL 291 052)





numbers Ga 128 451 045 *845 659 *317

(Pa & NY 609) (ILL 089 461)(NY & Wis 962) (Tn 690 548)





number cont(In 4698) (De 189)(NC 208)(WV Ok 690)(Tn 548)



ga mid 548  12/8/2008

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I like




next few days.


what does this mean?

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In response to spookysoozy

I did not have time the other day to post like I should have.  I think  most people have books or know somone that does.  A lot of folks know what number they like for a dream term.

means to me-

keys: a 49 number

cops: a 69 0r 99 number

chase: a 27 0r 32 number

my book gives-


chase Ga 816 273 357 468 (Oh 372)(NJ DC 907)(SC 325)(ILL 342)



keys Ga *409 *149 494  171



police Ga 066 609 (Va 818)(NJ KY 069)(ILL 990 043)(NY 589)(Ne 966)


I first learned to play numbers in a 2 digit game 30 years ago.  The book I made came from predictions that actually hit from people who post here, my own predictions,  and people I know that play. I add to the book every time I see a number that is predicted and falls within a few days. What good is a hit if you do not profit ? Too many numbers to play is the problem. So I pick my faves from my list, peel off a few cards and if I am spending $20 of $50 on a number I do a horary astrology chart too, or tune in to my self after the draw to see if I will be happy.(a psy thing)

 Now with internet anyone can learn cards or astrology chart erection. I also added subliminal recordings for prosperity.  These things work for me. But the best thing I learned is when not to play. The old saying " if you do what you always did, you get what you always got "  pretty much applies.  

Last night  I planned to play a few from each set.  I read my cards and it said I had the number but would not hit.  I saved about $20 not playing.  I was going to play 419 & 049 from the keys set. It came 944 and I would have lost my money.  Granted, I would have hit had I played them all but I would not have profited.  It takes about 2 minutes to pull out ten cards from a deck to see if the last card is the Ace of Diamonds indicating a "financial gain".  For a few years I kept a record of  every dollar I spent and won playing cash3 and a two digit game.  That taught me a lot.

One of LP posters checks the predictions in the mystical to find what numbers are repeated in the dreams people post.  Excellent idea and very helpfull in my opinion. WTG Logo !!  So many good players in LP. So many helping.

I know I have said all this before..well I think I have. So oldtimers  excuse the repeat. 


thank you  sweetie...your great


Thanks Spookie!  Enjoyed the reading!

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Po called a little late with the dream, 813 already fell

she dreamed going backward in a truck she saw all the pecan trees missing and when she got close to home her moms truck had a huge hole in it.

when she got home she saw bombs  dropping.

bomb 110 379 753 185 579



truck 246 *813 *771 959 757 (ont 381)(Pa 331)(Fla Tn 183)(NY 742 264) (WV De 177)(DC 742)(Wi 093)(TriSt 376)(ILL 913)(Oh *813)

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today is a truck day.

My girlfriend's 74 year old father with altzheimers forgot that he gave his old truck to his son and is so upset that it is not out in the yard anymore we have to drive 7 hours to go get it.  Bless his heart.  The son had back surgery and can not bring it  back to him. Bless his heart. Yesterday the son tells us  the truck has a leak somewhere and the rain got in. We have just had 4 days of rain.  When he opened the door to see if he could find the leak the rain water gushed out the door. Since we both always get lost I decided she should drive the moldy old truck and I will man the car on the way back.  Bless her heart.

The whole deal is comical to me and I feel like the two of us should wait for Moe to show up.

So I am playing truck numbers today, some being back numbers.



truck Ga  246 *813 *771 959 757

(ont 381)(Pa 331)(Fla Tn 183)(NY 742 264) (WV De 177)(DC 742)(Wi 093)(TriSt 376)(ILL 913)(Oh *813)

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 ahhhhhh.. at last. 775 in Ga.

the tag # was 509. 

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