Powerball matrix change


The first Powerball drawing that includes Florida will be January 7, 2009.  Is that the first drawing under the new matrix or will the change occur earlier?

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I believe January 7, 2009 is the first drawing with the new matrix. I can't wait to see what happens!

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How strange...

DC Powerball terminals refuse to allow anyone purchase Powerball tickets past the end of December.

My assumption was the matrix change would occur the first night in January (which should be the 3rd - Sat)

If the first night of the new format is Jan. 7th - (Wed) -- then the 3rd should be the old format and we should

have been able to purchase PB tickets for that date (in DC)....

Interesting, makes one wonder.

Oh well, DC has never won the PB.....should not matter right?


I was wondering about the matrix change as's what I found as per Nebraska's lottery page: "Once the final drawing (January 3, 2009) under the game's currentmatrix has taken place, it will again be possible to purchasemulti-draw tickets for up to 24 consecutive drawings."


I will be playing a lot less powerball when this happens.

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In response to Prob988

I Agree! Sadly, same here.

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In response to TonyB

What is the New Matrix gonna be? Just curious.

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In response to jackpotismine


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I'd like to see what comes of this. 18 million people live in Florida. Of course, only a fraction of that population plays the lottery. In yet, 50 million extra combinations added to the pool; 20 million more than Mega Millions. I think we'll see Powerball reclaim the jackpot record.

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I didn't see anything on that website about the change of matrix. How many White balls and How many red ball will the new matrix be?

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In response to jackpotismine

59 white balls, 39 red balls. 1 in 195,249,054. Good luck.

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In response to Guru101

Holy Moley!!! I think you are better off playing Pick 3 and Pick 4 and Pick 5. It's more realistic to hit.

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Every once in a while I would go to OK to play if it got big enough, but I think after the change, I'll just keep to losing $ in TX. LOL.

Be interesting to see what MM does with their matrix in the next year or so. If the odds get worse, I'll abandon that game and just focus more on Tx Lotto and 2 Step.

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In response to jackpotismine

Well it's not like 1 in 146,107,962 (current PB odds) are "realistic" to hit either, ha.

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Only approx. 20 million more combos than Mega million....not that it matters.  1 in 146 million combos isn't any easier to pik right than 1 in 195 million combos....It might get to a hundred million more often,, then all the seldom players will start playing as it goes up.  I'll bet that there will be more PB jackpots hit next year than this year.....


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