How To Win Pick 3 Using Mirrors

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New Video On How To Win Pick 3 Using Mirrors


if you like what you see on youtube please let me know there...

I would enjoy having some feedback there. I could use subscribers and ratings on my videos... You don't have to do this, but I would appreciate this greatly b/c I have spent some time on this.. If you do decside to do this, but let me know you are from lottery post so I can know that my videos are making a statement

thank you for watching..

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Thanks jordanT1021 for your videos.

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In response to txpolo

your welcome

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everyone let me know if you follow this or if you don't..

maybe something to add ?

I have had several request about the ttt... does everyone out there understand the ttt method?

i have a lot of charts that I compare with you pick the best possible number... no need to throw away my money on just an number... i want to play the best possible number each time I play...



What numbers do you consider a mirror number or what is the definition of a mirror number to you?


How do you decide which number is the mirror number in using your calculation? Thanks.

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In response to JordanT1021

Hey JordanT1021. I rely primarily on TTT's, and different variations of them, and would be interested to hear anything you have to add on TTT's. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

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In response to JordanT1021

Thanks again JordanT1021,

just to let you know, the step by step instructions are easy to understand.

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In response to txpolo

i hope this helps everyone...

tracking sums is my biggest step in the pick 3 game...

the best advise I have ever received is that today is a different way and any number is capable of falling ( including repeats )

the two-digit return ( my favorite method ) is a prime example of this...


Hi Jordan,

Excellent job on taking time to inform many players on some 'real' fundementals on the pick 3. What does mirror with your video chart when a double is drawn? Same rules apply just put in double number i.e. 882?

Thanks and keep on hittin'


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In response to alibaba917

yes that would be correct...

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hey Jordan, have you won many pick 3 draws with this?   I will probly test this out...maybe even add it onto my pick 3 method im working on. :)

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In response to Icezkube

a handful...

this may work better in a state like the state you live in.. i see you are in california..

i do the best on a two-digit return using the ttt

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I am honeybearcake and I am new to this. I live in Greencille SC. What is the ttt and where can I find it?

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In response to honeybearcake

welcome to lottery post honeybearcake... watch the following video from the link below

if you still have trouble send me a pm and i will help you out the best i can

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new system is ready... it is the easiest system is my opinion...

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