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In your sig you have a great doubles system. I understand the mates and mirrors but how did you get those other numbers in the group? Thanks

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Thank you very much. You say that you understand mates & mirrors, if that is true then you should understand the other #s in the group. For example the group below:

Do you understand that 001 is the mate to 011 & vice versa, that 334 is the mate to 344 & vice versa, etc.? 

Do you understand that the mirror 001, 011 is the mirror to 556,566 & that 334,344 is the mirror to 889, 899 & vice versa? 

The total is derived by subtracting the draw from 999. Perform this mathematical operation throughout the groups, you will then find that the result is always within the group. All of the #s in the individual groups are related, tied together by common bonds, meaning mates, mirrors, & totals.


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001 011

556 566

334 344

889 899


Got it now. The 999 part is what I was missing. Thanks

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I'm glad you understand. If at anytime you do not know the meaning of a word or a concept. Go to Resources located at the top of the page inside of the blue bar. Click on search for something & input what you want to find. We have a wealth of information here at the Lottery Post.


Hey Laverne, Any ideas on what number will hit for VA.

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In response to evo1320

Evo, I do not know.

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Here is a link to the post just in case I change my signature.

Doubles: Take The Bull By The Horns - Lottery Post 


Doug what happen to the Powerball numbers you was good last time. I wish I was on this website from the beginning I would had won $100

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Good Evening

I am new here the ILL evening number was a double 664 tonight and saturday Midday number was 448

Do that mean a double will hit tommorrow from your chart?


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I do not know dell1972, however check back into the history of IL draws & see if this same thing has happened in the past. If it has then perhaps take a cue & play accordingly. 

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117 177

226 266

228 288

337 377

I love it when this happens:


Sun, Nov 23, 2008PennsylvaniaMidday Daily Number3-3-7


Tue, Dec 23, 2008OhioMidday Pick 38-8-2
Tue, Dec 23, 2008PennsylvaniaDaily Number3-3-7

Same date, different month, different draw, same #!

Green laugh

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This same concept can be transferred over to the pick 4 side.  

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