Millionaire Raffle!

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Does anybody here know if they are going to do the Millionaire Raffle this year? Last year I was off by 2 numbers from winning 10,000!!!  Crying 2 It would be a greeeaaat NEW YEARS GIFT!! Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!!

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There was a Super Raffle drawing on Nov. 5th, with the results available at:

The next Michigan raffle will be drawn on January 5, 2009.  Tickets are on sale now.  About 140,000 of the available 600,000 tickets have been sold already.

More information is available on the Event Calendar.


Florida will have a Millionaire drawing on December 31st.

9 $1 Million winners

10 $50,000

12 $5,000

1000 $500


Missouri is selling raffle tickets now.Drawing in January.$10 per ticket.



Prizes# of PrizesChances**
$1 million11 in 300,000
$100,0004approx. 1 in 75,000
$500440approx. 1 in 682
TOTAL445approx. 1 in 674
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In response to Todd

Thanks for the info Todd. Last year the tickets were $20, so are they the same price this year and have they gone one sell yet for GA?

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In response to tbraddock

Thank you tbraddock!

I may have to get my brother to buy me a ticket in Florida!

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In response to Shawty38

If you check that event calendar link I posted, I believe the price is in there.

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In response to MaddMike51

Thank you MaddMike51!!

I hope they are $10 bucks here in GA this year!!

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In response to Todd

It was, Thanks Todd!!

A discounted price of $18 bucks for the first 100,000 and $20 bucks there after!

Good luck to all that buys a ticket! I'm gonna try and get as many as I can!!

 Turkey Wave 

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In response to Shawty38

GA will be $20 a piece.


Just bought my 3rd ever raffle ticket. The other two were duds. Maybe the third time's the charm, eh?

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In response to Piaceri

I got my fingers crossed for you Piaceri!!!

In response to Shawty38

Thank you Shawty38!  Maybe we will all get lucky this round! Dance

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In response to Piaceri

My pleasure!!! I'm hoping real hard for that, but I haven't been able to buy one yet because no one is selling them yet here in GA, at least where I live !

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If you know any one in Pennsylvania  they have one now for $20.00 goes off jan 3rd 6,000 total prizes

4-1 million prizes

4- $100,000 prizes

100 $1,000.00 prizes

5,892 $100.00 prizes total ticket sales limited to 125,000

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