LottoSync returns soon...


Hello folks,

After a long period of absence... LottoSync will soon be back online with version 1.8.

new stuff...

- Free 20 day trial license available (no functionality limitations)

- Free demo mode (restricted forecasting functions, but no evaluation time limit)

- Much improved forecast accuracy... try it and I bet you'll be convinced !

- Much improved forecast speed.

- Pick4, Pick5, Lotto and Keno supported

- a new and contemporary interface design.

LottoSync 1.8 will be sold as licenses for either 1 month 3 months 6 months or 1 year usage. (pricing not available yet)

Customers who purchased a previous version of lottosync will receive a license without expiration date.



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In response to Guru

Guru, this is so ironic. I was just thinking about you today. I was thinking about back in the early 2000's when I bought 1.5 . Since then my state has added it's own Cash 5 and I was wishing you were still around. Plus since then I had upgraded to a much faster computor. I can't wait!!


Hey Reddog... nice to see you are still around here.

Feels good to see how many folks from the early lottosync days have emailed me since I posted this message here.

You all had to wait for a long time, but I'm sure you will love it.

I'll keep you posted when it's ready for download...

Thanks for the support guys...

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Does it work for Mac users?


Hi Diamondpalace,

Well... there is no app porting to Mac planned yet. (maybe in the future)

however... if you are running a mac with boot camp you should be able to run the windows LottoSync.

In response to Guru


vu que tu habites la Belgique tu dois certainement comprendre le français ...

je detien la technique du lotto belge et pour te prouver mes dires je t envoi mes prévisions pour le tirage de samedi 08novembre

c est juste un avant gout mais sache que l ont peu élaborer une association pour le futur

a bientot...


excellent news Guru - will be waiting for the download instructions for my upgrade !!


ps. hope you have been well and prosperous )

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Welcome back Marco and Lottosync :)

Nice to see previous purchasers here too, hopefully the best things will come to those of us who waited ;)



Anyone have any feedback on the "LottoSync" program? I did a search, dident get much back. Guru when you say "Coming Soon" are you talking weeks or months? Thanks

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Didn't get much back?

Here you go:


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There exists 10 mile long threads about lottosync. Just search for all.

The lottery sofware to kill all other  lottery software. Well, not yet anyway.

In response to paurths

Ahhhhhhhh, Super!!, I had the search set for " 1 yr. History" Thanks Thumbs Up

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In response to Scott311

I think I purchased mine back in 2003.  Back then I had windows 98 with 126 GB ram of memory on a 533 processor. Now I have a 991 mhz processor with 2000 GB ram of memory and windows XP.  She will be ready to spit out the winning string of numbers.
Come on, Guru, I am so ready.

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Welcome back Guru.SmileRazz

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In response to reddog

Wow! 2000 GB ram. I only got 4 GB. Wink At least my processor got two cores running at 3000 Mhz. My Windows XP is a 64 Bit version. Have my doubt though Lotto Sync takes advantage of that.

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