Why is keno so hard to win?

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This game should seemingly be beaten the hell out of by folks on this site.Even when looking at past draws, a baby can eyeball number frequency yet so many of us can't consistently get above a match 6.

Why is this game so difficult?...anyone have any tips?Sure it's one of those games you can improve your hit ratio,but I play it to beat it.

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The odds of the 10/80 Keno games are about  1 in 9 million.. not that great , one of the worst to play in Vegas or any casino. The number pool is so large. The 10/70 Canadian Keno odds are about 1 in 3 million

 - compared to a take 5 game-  the odds are about 1 in 300,000 and  there is a 4/44-1/22 game in Florida called Mega Money, for example,  and the odds are 1 in 3 million, people win this one every few draws

Once you think you have a pattern, it can change. In the few years that I actually played this game in NY, I think I've seen maybe 3 Jackpot winners- I have tried to find 30 Key numbers and wheel them, but the most I ever actually won was $300 a few times ( 8 numbers in NY)

I too and trying to beat the odds as well!!! Good Luck

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In response to MmeFlorida

1 in 3 mil eh...that's staggering.I never took the time to research the odds because I assumed the game was tangible.Would've never guessed the odds were that bad.It just seems so insultive to get match zero and get a "sympathetic" $2...... Kinda like the lottery saying "..since you suck today,we'll feel bad for you and give you a parting gift.   sheesh


I have been primarily playing the NY Pick 10 Keno for many months now.  Regardless of the stated odds, and few number of winners,  I think for the difficulty, the Jackpot Prize ($500,000) is pretty good.  I think it is the best game in NY.  I used to think the NY Take 5 was the best, but the draws are as confounding as can be.  I will win that one sooner or later regardless.

I use a  number of strategies (I call my blend system) with my approach (and are always developing new ones) to this and all lottery games.  Keno is a very interesting game history to analyze...and gives you an opportunity to utilize approaches you would not be able to use with most other games.

In NY, we get a $4 prize for totally bombing out and getting no numbers.

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In response to MmeFlorida

1 in 9 million - for one game.

Play 9 games and it's 1 in 1 million.

Play 18 games.... and so on....

I'd play 'quarter keno' and play a pick 6 or pick 8 for $5 (20 games) or $10 (40 games), pick my numbers, leave, stop in any Keno parlor a few hours later and have your ticket checked...  The payout is 1/4 the normal one, but it's cheaper to play.

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Heck, look at the Michigan nightly Keno.  The odds are listed as 2,546,000 to 1 or something close to that.  Very few people have won since Michigan switched the drawings from ball drawings to computer drawings.  Every winner,  who has sent a private message to me on LP,  won their top Michigan Keno prize back when actuall ball drawings were held.


i have to agree, i like the balls more than electronic, especially in Keno.


Have any of you seen the movie Predator 1 with Arnold Schwazzanneger, Jessi Ventura and the rest? Remember how that Alien was dificult to see and how they sometimes thought they saw it just to find out it wasn't there...Well that's exactly what keno is....

Keno is "the demon who makes trophies of man" is "el diablo cazador de hombres" like how they say it in the movie...


You may think you may see a pattern in keno for later to dissappear in front of your eyes just like the predator in the movie...

The ONLY chance to beat keno that you might get is through HOT & COLD NUMBERS....By using the cold numbers only...Or by geniusly using a mixture of hot and cold numbers in 1 specific ratio and applying filters and this idea is a little far fetch....

Keno may have 1 in 9 milllion odds but it sure has the appearance of 5 MegaMillions in disguise...And that's to the ignorant who don't know anything about lottery...

I tell people here that there is a lottery game that uses 10 balls and they cringe at the idea...

is suffice to say that no lottery software in existence in the world is EQUIP OR PREPARED for keno...NONE...


that' very true pumpi, but somtimes patterns do show up. Example, double repeats will triple, i've seen 6 / 6 and less do this, so simply playing those every day in 1 ticket and waiting may bring some money.

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Keno isn't necessarily that hard to win. But, since fewer people play the game, the top prize winners aren't always given media attention.

The game is played with different matrices in different areas, altering the odds of winning. As an example, in its most popular form, 20 numbers are drawn from a pool of 80 numbers. The odds of hitting 10 of 10 in this game are 1::8.911,711.18. The Michigan Daily Drawing game draws 22 numbers from an 80 number pool - the odds of hitting 10 of 10 in this game are 1::2,546,203.19. Eastern Canada and some European countries draw 20 numbers from a 70 number pool - the odds of hitting 10 of 10 in this game are 1::2,147,180.74.

The odds of hitting 10 of 10 in almost any Keno game are far better than hitting the PowerBall or MegaMillions jackpot.

In response to pumpi76

"The ONLY chance to beat keno that you might get is through HOT & COLD NUMBERS....By using the cold numbers only...Or by geniusly using a mixture of hot and cold numbers in 1 specific ratio and applying filters and this idea is a little far fetch...."

I feel we must find a way to beat keno because then we will be prepared for the Global Lottery...

Using Hot numbers alone will not work...Using cold numbers alone will work but you have to mix them with ending digits....But better results will be to use a mixture of hot & cold numbers in a specified ratio in a wheel, along with TNTea 2-2-1 type also a ratio in a wheel all mixed together intertwined....And also have them in a specified ratio....Not only that but if you want to winKeno consistently you will have to be a heck of a sum predictor, something a little quite hard yet not 100% hard because since is a Pick10/80 the sums range is going to be very, very wide and you can eliminate the previous history sums from a sample...And right now there is no software equip for such game, because the latest technology is but the problem with is that even though you can customize your software the way you want it the programmers do not know anything about wheels....This is why there isn't no software in the world equip for keno or for a Global Lottery....

And if you integrate this systems in a semi-supercomputer along with powerful algorithms used as a constraints speciall in the specified sum, you might be able to win Keno over and over and a global lottery...

And that depends if you are playing keno for the challenge like the way i would do or if you are playing Keno for money, because if you are playing keno for money the best way is to try and crack pick4, if you can crack pick4 you can crack most lottery games and become a billionaire in 2 years...If you are going for the Global Lottery you will have to wait for years to pass by since it is played once a year and that will pose a problem...So depends what you are playing Keno for...For the Challenge or for the money....


Gail Howards software does keno nicely lots of stats etc


Trying these for Oct 21 2008 for Ontario keno 20/70



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In response to vick

OK vick

I went with "51 55 56 2 26 40 47 15 16 39"..second from bottom row for 7 days out of curiosity



Thanks for peppin me up guys.....looks like I got a better chance hitting a pick4 str8 3 days in a row than hit all ten in keno in a lifetime   lol


a good algorithm for Keno will be the difference between 1 number and the order that same number has on the drawing whether it moves left or right...For example if 2 is the first number and on the following drawing 4 plays and is the first number, then that 2 moves to the right 2 spots...You do this with all 10 or 20 numbers and you notice that all 10/20 numbers may not move to the right but perhaps half of them will move to the left, or 3 out of 10 will move to the right the rest to the left....But again a computer will have to do it....

In keno i don't even know if you can use wheel for them...A Pick6 wheel will come out to a very large number, a pick10 wheel i can imagine...

Last time i heard they were offering Keno every 4 minutes can't remember where...There is no chance against a game that plays every 4 minutes...

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ok guesser, lets start. I am in Mass. with a 20/80 game every 4 minutes. We also can play a bonus which can up the payoff by as much as 3,4,5,or 10 times randomly in each game. Lets see what you can do. Thanks.



i noticed in Mass you said your game is also 20/80 every 4 minutes. i am going to go to the website and compare games to see if there are any similarities in the numbers that come out.

it would be awesome if your numbers on a certain day are the same numbers that our GA Keno computers use

a day later or vice versa. It's definitely worth checking out.

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In response to autoprt

1-71-80                                               33-34-35

9-19-39-48-49                                       2-12-13-14-23                 1-3-7-11           3-13-23-63




4-14-34-64-74                          here are some keno numbers you can play in mass,am also from mass and

6-16-26-76                                      these are the numbers i always see come out together at diffrents times

20-30-50-60-70                             i play all these numbers everyday at diffrent times doing pretty good too

                                                      now its 9pm i would be playing the 4-14-34-64-74/5-15-35-65-75  Thumbs Up

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In response to masslottery


Thinking of...

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In GA GTECH Corporation is the gaming software company that is used. Not sure if Mass uses them or not but I looked at your Keno results and they are definitely different. When I have some spare time i am going to definitely see if there are any similarities in any games but for the most part initially i have seen none.

One of the main combinations in our game is  close to yours is 4-14-63 and i actually hit here last week for $70 playing 3-13-23-63.   

I've seen the 2-12-13-14-23 and the 1-71-80 come out here also a lot along with 20-30-50-60-70.


I use this pool of numbers in GA that come frequently: 1, 2, 3, 7, 9 ,18, 20, 23, 25, 31, 35, 39, 40, 41, 44, 51, 54, 61,  63, 68, 71, 72, 77, 80.

These are the only number I use to play GA Keno but occasionally i'll play the 4-14-63 if i don't see the numbers for a while along with 20, 21, 23, 24 which comes out a lot here.

I am looking forward to trying some of your numbers here in GA. Unfortunately, having some money issues now due to an unauthorized charge hitting my account yesterday which has thrown everything into multiple overdrafts (ouch!) and has taken my disposable income for now. Everything should be ok by Friday and I will get back to you and let you know how your numbers work.

if you have any info about the patterns and groupings that appear i would appreciate it, there has got to be a way to figure out when and why the numbers tend to bunch and line up together they way they do so often.

VERY CURIOUS to know how close anyone has come to hitting 10 of 10 or even 7 of 7

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In response to autoprt

VERY CURIOUS to know how close anyone has come to hitting 10 of 10 or even 7 of 7

i never hit a 10 or 7 i hit 5/5 a  lot when i get back from mohegan sun casino today i'll give you info on keno so you can watch it live here is the link for keno i dont know what game number they on right now but i'll post it later     




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I have hit 6/6 several times, 5/5 quite a bit, today I play mainly 4-Spots and I usually hit one every 5th game.

That's easy money, almost a sure thing, all you have to do is pay attention.

Until a week ago, I was on a 3 week binge where I kept hitting 4x5, that's not good enough, so I went to playing 4-spots, and that's easy to hit. For me anyway.  Why be greedy with trying to hit a 6-7-8 spot (which is rare) when you  can simply pile on the 4-spots ???????????????????????????????????

Folks, NOBODY can tell you what numbers to play in Keno just like they can't tell you what Powerball numbers to play, Keno is played 'in the moment', what was hot yesterday - last week - 3 hours ago - may not be NOW, so you have to go back and read my beginning postings in this forum to see just exactly how *I* play, and it's all predicated on what has been hitting in the last 2 hours.



I just looked at the MASS.  Keno payouts - what a ripoff !

Here, a 3-spot pays $46,   4-spot pays $175,  5-spot pays $800

Mass. Pays   $25, $100 and $450.   for the same $1 wager.


Dec 12 looks like someone hit for 10 / 10 - $250,000 tax free

+ the 2 9/10 are probably also the same person


I've been working with the (20/80 every 4  minute version) here in NY and trying to decide on a strategy.  My question.....


Is it better to:


A) Pick one set of numbers and play them ten draws in a row.  Waiting for the numbers to find you*


B) Changing your numbers up to a degree for each draw(based on what numbers you think are on a roll or whatever reason etc....)


* I understand it's important to play your ten set/draws when you feel the number flow is coming around to your selection for best results.


My answer to the above is to do both if budget permits.

In research,  I have randomly backtested sets of numbers and found (after checking the previous days draws) that on many days (out of 300+ draws) they never came out enough to get any type of decent prize.  So I am hesitent to lock in on ten draws at once. 

I hope you understand what I am asking.

In response to JonnyBgood07

I know one time I played keno and I played the 10,

If you don't get any numbers that is automatically 5 dollars,

Well I put 20 dollars on a 10 spot and won 100.00 Because none of my numbers came up,

2 weeks ago I hit the 7 spot, I don' t play all the time,

But when I play the 5 spot, I stay with the same numbers all the time,

Let me give you a tip, and hopefully this will help you,

It's never fail  me, well I know certain numbers that love to come together,

I would sit and just observe before I would even play anything,

Here are some combinations that I notice like to come together,

4 spot, *7-17-27-24*  *6-16-26-23*

5 spot *61-63-71-72-73*

7 spot *5-19-22-25-34-38-42*


Now do you see a pattern in the first set of numbers,

Trust me on this, I just hope you are playing these at the times they drop together,

I hit on the 4 spots back to back a lot, so give it a try, you never know,

I don't mind giving my numbers, these are my sets,

And I hope that it brings someone christmas money,

Or just money when you need it,

       God Bless!!!


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           53-54-55-56-57 AND SO ONThumbs Up

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In response to masslottery

1033652 )THE LINK IS UP THEIR   ^^^^^^

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Live casino Keno data:

Game results as played, historical draw info in order drawn, more.



$500,000 winner Dec 19
someone hit for 10 / 10 at $2
+ the  9/10 are probably also the same person so $550,000

so people are hitting it !!

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'Why is keno so hard to win ?'


Because just like in Mega or Powerball, looks ARE deceiving, what you THINK should hit - doesn't.

Think about it: if all the numbers hit in Powerball that are SUPPOSED to hit - if all the geniuses picked Lottery numbers based on what is SUPPOSED to hit - and they did hit - we would not have a Lottery at all, because it would be hit every time by the same people, with thousands of people splitting the jackpot.

So, just like in Mega, or PB, you must think outside the box: what is SUPPOSED to hit - might - but assuming you play a Pick-6 - you might be awesome and get ONE number based on what is SUPPOSED to hit, but you have 5 other numbers to hit as well.  even if you do great and get 3 of the 6 numbers, that doesn't win you much of anything, really.

This is the beauty of Keno: you can play a lot of games in a short timeframe.  I'm fairly good at GUESSING what will hit within 5-6 games based on the prior 10-15 games, but it's a highly educated GUESS.

I know I keep harping on this, but you usually cannot do well walking in off the street and immediately playing a 5-spot and having it hit. It IS possible, but the odds are not there, and the odds are not good with Keno in any event, BUT:

You should not walk in and play, for example,  7-10-22-23-41.    Why not ?  What if those five numbers hit recently, like in the last 20 games, the odds of all five repeating are not good at all.  I've seen it happen, but not often.  Same goes if four of the five hit - what are the odds of all five hitting again ? Not great.  Three of the five is common, and from what I see, of the twenty numbers they draw for every game, you will average having five numbers repeat. I have seen three repeat, I have seen eight repeat, the average is five. For me.

And you still gotta remember: what was red-hot even an hour ago, may not be now.  What was ICE an hour ago may just now be heating up.

Just go in, track, and pay attention.

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sorry been busy with the holidays, great tips.

i also noticed in GA the last 2 numbers that match the game come out as indicated. here it will match for 2-3 games then skip 1 or 2 then again and so forth. i also noticed if it doesn't match directly its usually 1 number off.

i don't have luck at playing the same set of numbers more than 3 or 4 games.

as guesser said the best luck i have as in yesterday i hit 4 of 5 numbers was by tracking about 6 games before even playing,

that saves me a lot of money. you can kind of feel what will hit and here in GA every other game has the number 68 or 77 that comes out.  sometimes both in the same game.

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