But I don't want an injection to collect my Powerball!! arrrgh!

Sandra Dee's avatar - dandy

so, i have a very good friend in a powerball playing state - he never plays the lottery, so i begged him to play for me - gave him our numbers and told him to just play before 11pm - we've been playing since it reached the $100mil mark - so, for the last several wed/saturdays it's been 'we didn't win, play again' - i owe him like $5 for buying the tickets but since he's buying and i'm supplying the numbers we agreed to go half if we win -  sounds cool, okay, fine ---

now GET THIS!! all of a sudden, he's threatening if we win to take OUR ticket and hide out in west Africa [where he's from] and I have to GO THERE and get an injection [yes, it's sex] and then ONLY after that will he fly back and we can claim the prize - mind you, the 'injection' was to be followed with a baby but after i convinced him that I DON'T WANT ANYONES BABY then he reduced it to just an injection -- you know, for fun ... at first I thought he was kidding, I would just say 'hell no' - now, he tells me after he buys that he already signed the back and he's 100% serious, and I know his serious tone and I'm scared! I told him I'd take him to judge judy because those were MY NUMBERS and unique to me - he said to 'bring it on' and 'judge judy isn't in nigeria'

I've since deleted the first email where I asked him to buy the ticket and gave my numbers and told him we will go half --

do I have a case in the event we should win anything? he's my friend but I have ZERO sexual attraction to this man - he makes me shudder to think to even kiss him let alone AN INJECTION!! [his words not mine]- any other male friends, no problem [don't judge] but him, specifically, YUCK - I couldn't do it even for that amount - I'll take it all the way to the supreme court just so NOT to get an injection!!

Cussing FaceMadP***edBang Head

Kaptainess's avatar - hiro bird.jpg

This is more on the tune of Jerry Springer?  Geez!  Forget the millions and forget him.

NEVER trust ANYONE with money.  Never.

Stew12's avatar - bad egg-64x64.png

I would find someone else to buy tickets for you.  Seems like less of a hastle.

Sandra Dee's avatar - dandy

yeah, whew, just the THOUGHT of money brought out the nigerian crook in him!! it's going to have to be one of those 'oh well situations' i can't believe that he would even put that out as an option to claim when he didn't even know how to play in the beginning, oh well - i'm not playing with anyone so far again, not worth it

Todd's avatar - Cylon 200.jpg
In response to Sandra Dee

I'm not sure I would be making the general statement "nigerian crook".  I'm sure there are Nigerian crooks, but I'm also sure that most Nigerians are not crooks.  I've made some very good friends over the years from Nigeria, and they have been good hard-working people.

In general, it is a very bad idea to play the lottery with other people, unless you have a firm, detailed agreement in writing.

I would not be so overly concerned about this particular situation though.  The chances are extremely high you won't win anything in the first place.  And even if you do, simply take the guy to court.  The lottery will never distribute a jackpot with a case pending.  If he's the dirtbag he sounds like, a well-worded threat from a good attorney may be enough.

Last, check your Sent Items and Deleted Items folders in your e-mail.  Many times people do not even think to check these folders for e-mails they think are gone.

LottoChica23's avatar - Aquarius

I would find some else to buy my tickets.

Heck, if you are in NJ maybe you should hop on the PATH to 34th Street pick up your own tickets and be on your merry way. That way you don't have to get an injection from Dr. Love and your winning ticket is in your pocket no strings attached.

I hope that you win. Yes Nod

Good LuckTroll

RJOh's avatar - chipmunk

You don't own a lottery combination or a winning lottery ticket you didn't buy. 

This was bought up in another thread.  The poster thought by sharing his picks with other LP members, if they play them and won big, he was due a potion of their winnings.  Mr. Slick figured coming to LP and posting thousands of combinations was almost as good as playing them himself but with none of the cost.  He found out most LP members didn't share his thoughts, they said if they bought a winning ticket the winnings belonged to them and not to anyone who only thought about the combination.

Sandra Dee's avatar - dandy
In response to Todd

you're right BUT he called me TYPICAL MONEY HUNGRY AMERICAN!!! so, the gloves are off now that he's planning on running with our money [should we win] .. now, here's the weird thing, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE A TICKET AND HOPE SOMEONE ELSE WINS !

Todd's avatar - Cylon 200.jpg
In response to RJOh

That's a very good point, but it sounds like Don Juan already agreed to split the winnings 50-50.

Littleoldlady's avatar - basket

The best chance of you winning the jackpot is be an independent woman and  buy your won tickets.  You don't own any numbers..

time*treat's avatar - radar
In response to Sandra Dee

I believe Judge Judy only handles small claims cases.

Your other comments indicate "very good friend" is misapplied.

dvdiva's avatar - 8ball

I don't understand what this is even about. You gave the numbers to a creep making unwelcome sexual advances and you are still dealing with him?

Judging from how often my numbers win I wouldn't give him the $5 and have no further contact short of a court order. If you think the numbers are somehow winners I'm sure the drawing will prove otherwise and you can get a new set of numbers to play with tickets you purchase yourself.

RJOh's avatar - chipmunk
In response to time*treat

Judge Judy always say to the women who come to her court claiming they gave their money to man and got mistreated, "If you had watched my show, you would have known better"

Personally, I don't know why any woman would consider any man her friend that's not a co-worker, a neighbor or an associate of hers or of a family member that she's not sexually interested in.  Just because she wants him to do her a favor doesn't make him her friend. 


cut your ties with this guy and buy your own tickets, also once a person knows what buttons to push they will continue to push them. Be smart let it go!

time*treat's avatar - radar
In response to dvdiva

If she lucks out and the numbers fall as a 2+1 or 3+0, even the $5 is not an issue.

I'd let 'em keep the $7 and lose my phone number.Big Smile

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RJOh's avatar - chipmunk
In response to time*treat

Sounds like she has already lucked out. He bought the tickets, they didn't win anything and she asked him to buy them again even though she still owed $5 for the first time.  Since he's buying the tickets and she's picking the numbers, she figures they are even because she agreed he could keep half of THEIR winnings from the tickets that only he is paying for.

Sounds likes he's being up front with her, he not interested in paying to play if she's not interested in playing.  She should buy her own lottery tickets.

bigato1010's avatar - army
In response to Sandra Dee

Sorry Sandra Dee, don't trust him ,  He is a liar just like one of the lp member who twist and avoid the real question at hand. OH MY GOD I CAN'T STAND LIARS !!

Sandra Dee's avatar - dandy

thanks all but .. he WAS a very good friend - a colleague - we joked and kidded about everything - you would think an educated econ professor wouldn't be such a slime .. i'm glad this happened .. i'm not paying him a dime! so, that's that .. if he wins he can do what the hell he wants with it - i'm so done with him - i just never thought he would even think of something like that - especially since we already said we'd go half - that was were my anger is from - we agreed [verbally] and he now changed his mind - that must be illegal - so, that's that ... thanks for the comments and suggestions and answering the REAL questions in private boxes [to all who did] - i just can't see how someone would feel winning with another's birthday and age numbers ..  oh well - you live and learn .. if i should EVER WIN .. i now know who isn't getting an invite to the VIP party  - you are all welcome to come to vegas and drink with me - and i'm in the nyc/nj area, powerball isn't here .. i would have bought the mega for him with his numbers ... oh well


Clairvoyance's avatar - eye storm.jpg

Anyone that would call Sex and Injection is whacked in the head in the first place and should be in a mental home not on the streets. This guy sounds like he fit’s the bill!

Stew12's avatar - bad egg-64x64.png

Hey, if you're in the NJ/NYC area, and you play the same numbers every week (I assume because you said birthdays, etc), why not take the 30 minute ride to CT once a month and pick up advanced tickets?

Guru101's avatar - rw6jhh
In response to RJOh

I Agree!

Giving someone the winning numbers doesn't entitle you to any amount of the money. Lets take this one step further Sandra Dee. Suppose he decides he likes the numbers you gave him enough that he regularly started playing them. If he won, would you feel as if you are entitled to a portion of the winnings?

Sandra Dee's avatar - dandy
In response to Guru101

to the other poster, i AM going to make a trip to CT soon :)  -- and to you guru, nope, he can use my numbers all he wants - BUT i asked him, basically, to learn to gamble for this period - so every week, I STILL had to be the one to say, 'we didn't win, buy another one, we didn't win, buy another one' - so, on wednesday, if NO ONE WINS then, he can do whatever the hell he wants with those numbers, i'll have my own set to play - if we end up sharing so be it or if i can't make it to buy a powerball and he wins, so be it - he's been laying low after my last rant to him so who knows if he even bought anything .. what i WAS [am no longer] fussing about is that WE SPECIFICALLY DECIDED TO PLAY DURING THIS RUN OF POWERBALL BEING OVER 100M - and he knew that and changed the rules or made rules out of nowhere when he DID NOT EVEN KNOW WHERE TO GET A TICKET! it is what it is, what is meant to be is meant to be - if he's meant to be the sole winner, he will be such and i'll just be here in bayonne shaking my head or banging it

Bang Head

diamondpalace's avatar - Untitled 2.jpg

Inject..injection...WHAT? :D

My best friend and I have a binding contract (signed in document) that if either of us won the jackpot we give the other 10% after all the taxes. Since both of us were so close to winning a few times, and we share tips & tricks all the time. Glad to know both of you are moving on. You are definate that the numbers you gave him is the one huh? Not sure how deep he is into the lottorey, after few tries and no win he will give up. You can try buying the ticket online to save you the trip.

fja's avatar - gnome1


well if you find a way to play the same numbers you can still get half of the jackpot and then you won't have to worry about the injection,,,,although it's probably just a little pin prick!!!


Thinking of...

             " Nigerian Injection"

guesser's avatar - Lottery-017.jpg

This thread HAS to be a joke, because nobody of any amount of stability would post this and expect anyone to buy it.

sirbrad's avatar - Lottery-062.jpg

Yeah this is a line of crap or your are VERY gullible, maybe both. Have you ever me this idiot? Sounds to me like some type of Nigerian scam hiding under the guise of a lottery partnership. He is probably actually in Africa already. Sounds like he needs a lethal injection...

My advice? Don't ever pool with anyone far away, or anyone period for that matter. It just isn't worth the risk of a once in a lifetime jackpot. Bite the bullet yourself, you will be glad you did when you win big. Being cheap will come back to haunt you and make you even more broke than you started.


Just for the record even if you delete an email from your "deleted items" folder it's still residing somewhere on your hard drive. any good computer forensics person would be able to retrieve it for evedince in a trial. Your safest play would be to make an occasional drive to a powerball state and buy  a few months worth of tickets. Thats what i do.

tiggs95's avatar - Lottery-036.jpg

Not to worry your not going to win..

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