Going to push through some updates tonight

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Ever since I posted (a little prematurely) about a nice Deflate 3 update, I have been going through the site in a development environment getting another update ready.

I went ahead and added the same improvements to Deflate 4 that I did to Deflate 3.  (Improvements posted in this thread:

I also made the same improvements to the number parser in both Inspector 3 and Inspector 4 that I did in Deflate 3 and 4.  So you can just dump (paste) numbers in practically any format, and it will sort it all out.  I think it makes working with all the tools much quicker and easier.  (Something I'll need to do to the predictions parser as well....)

Anyway, the site will go offline for a minute or two when I'm installing the improvements, so don't worry if you see a message instead of the site -- it will be back soon.

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Wow, that was one hairy update!

I got everything loaded, and then..... oops, need to install a service pack too!

A little of this, a little of that, a reboot, a few minutes of "What just happened...?", and WE'RE BACK!

All the new stuff is in place.  I hope you like it! 

Please feel to leave whatever feedback you wish...


I Like the new message during maintenance, however in my opinion, a little

Just keep it simple. Performing maintenance, will be back shortly. Thank You for your patience.

The way I saw it was the fact I saw an explanation, than a windows message saying the typical "page cannot be found", was relieving by itself without a lengthy explanation.

Thanx Todd for your dedication to this site, as always.

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Nice job boss i like the little arrows up and down. When i first saw them i thought i was looking at a back up version of lottery post but realized it was one of the updates.

Also i use spell checker rich text editor and i noticed it capitalized the first word in my paragraph cool. Don't remember it doing that before.

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In response to pacattack05

Actually, you'd be surprised how many support messages I can avoid having to respond to just by being overly descriptive.  By answering every conceivable question up front, it keeps me from spending most of the day answering questions!  (The things you learn supporting 60,000+ members!)

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In response to four4me

Those arrows have come a long way, eh?  The other improvement is the fact that there is BOTH an up and down arrow on each post now.  I personally love the down arrow as much or more than the up arrow.

Several other interface tweaks are scattered throughout the site as well.

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Thanks Todd, we all apreciate your work here.

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In response to Todd

I actually sat here and read that whole page. There is, I believe a typo on it. Towards the end it says something like this:

If you are seeing this erroit page, your browser may ……something, then it says you can refresh your browser. But the typo is the erroit word. Im not being critical, just that I am a writer and notice things like that.

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Scared  I made an erroit?!?! LOL

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I like the up/down feature with the arrows, also did you change the coloring on the quick links?   nice, real nice.... 

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In response to MADDOG10

Yes, that is another change - thanks.  I try not to mention everything, so you can find some little "surprizes".  Most people could care less, but people who come here every day may find it fun.

A few of the icons have been improved too, and the Amazon ad is smaller but shows a better variety that changes as you click to different pages, and links into the Lottery Post Book Store instead of dropping you into the Amazon site.

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Thanks for the notification Todd - I'm glad you were able to get everything updated ...


I'm still having an "issue" though ... Firefox will not let me copy and paste on this site! I can do it just fine on everyother site .... just not here. I get an error message that says Copy/Cut/Paste is not available on Mozilla/ Firefox.  But like I said ... that function works fine else where

In response to Todd


I was sure there was a good reason.

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something is happening i didn't notice before the menu bar is missing when you go from the home page to a topic. to get back to the blue menu bar you have to go to the home page.

however it is here on the page that you put your reply.

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WAY TO GO!!! update for copy and paste spreadsheet into LP using Mozilla

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