Me and a co-worker had an idea.

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Ok.  A few weeks ago, there was a customer who bought a piece of salmon, which has a shelf-life of 3 days.  She kept it in her fridge for 5 days.  When she looked at it, it had gone bad.  So she came back and talked to my boss (the meat manager, NOT the seafood manager), who told her to go to customer service and she would get a refund.  Me and a co-worker, thinking that this was just plain spoiling the customer, thought it might be funny to take all of our items that have been purchased from work that have gone bad and gotten refunds from them.  Well, that idea evolved into this one.

What if we had saved up all our losing lottery tickets for a week or so, and went to customer service and demanded a refund?  Figuring that our work does whatever will make the customers happy, and when we are off the clock, we would technically be considered customers, they'll have no choice but to give us our money back or get reported to management.

What do you think?

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Interesting thought, but refunding losing lotto tickets would completely kill the lotteries all together unfortunately.

And why is it people would even think to return fish that they let sit in their fridge until it went bad?  Some people take the word 'cheap' to a new extreme.

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come on man you're college educated you know lottery tickets aren't refundable after the drawing takes place.
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Oh I know that, but at my work, we have to do EVERYTHING that the customers want, regardless of how rediculous it is.  Basically if we can physically do something, and it is not a violation of the union rules, we HAVE to do it, or else we get yelled at by management.

Also, we weren't thinking about numbers games.  We were thinking scratch-off tickets.

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In response to Stew12

My work is known for having the absolute worst clientelle.  I've gone to other stores in the chain, and when they find out which one I work at, I usually hear something like "Oh, I'm so sorry for you.  You have to deal with the spoiled brats."

It wouldn't necessarily kill the lottery, since they debit the money straight from the company account once the pack is settled.  It would just kill the store's profits.

As for the lady who left the fish in her fridge for 5 days, some people are just not very smart.  I've dealt with these types of people before.  They complain about anything and everything just to get something for free.  They won't assume responsibility for their own stupidity.

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Doc you know the store works for the lottery as an agent... the store is not allowed to refund lottery tickets that are losers. Unless the manager wants to do it out of his pocket. So if 100 people come in with 500 dollars worth of loosing lottery tickets every day he would go broke not the lottery because the lottery doesn't refund tickets that have been bought and paid for after the drawing take place and they would never refund a scratched lottery ticket either.

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I think you need to spend a day at my work and understand exactly how spoiled our customers are at times.

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I don't care how spoiled the customers are you cant redeem a losing lottery ticket. Unless the store want to go broke doing so.... the lottery will not reimburse the store for giving peoples money back on losing lottery tickets.

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In response to Stew12

I agree. I know this scenario is a just-for-fun type of thing, but if the lottery started to give out refunds, (which of course will never happen.) they would probably not make any profits and go bankrupt.

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In response to DoctorEw220

And it thats the case i can go there buy a 1000 dollars worth of scratchers buy a picnic lunch go somewhere scratch all the tickets, come back later redeem the winners and ask for my money back on all the losers.

give me a frigging break.

If there that stupid to do that PM me the address I'll be up there as soon as i can get to the bank today.

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In response to ThatScaryChick

the lottery isn't giving out the funds the store managers are.

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Getting paid for losers (other than an official state second chance type drawing) may sound like a neat idea, but what's not to say the store paying you for losers isn't going to refuse to pay a winner.

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In response to DoctorEw220

You know what I think? I think you and your co-worker are really board at work! LOL

My husband is the meat and deli manager at a major Grocery chain, if someone would of brought back meat that THEY allowed to expire in their refrigerator, you know what he would of said?

NO refund for YOU!!!!! Now get going and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out!

It’s hard enough getting stores to pay out on winners let alone refund your losers, its not going to happen, not in this lifetime anyway.

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Me and my co-worker (In our boredon that is the night shift) put a little more thought into this idea, and we decided that in order to get this to work, we would have to have a friend, who does not work for the company, try this out first.

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In response to Clairvoyance

While I will give you that (Although at my work, we don't get bored too often.), I must ask for which chain is he a manager?

Me and my co-worker also thought the lady should not have been given a refund, especially since it was the meat manager who gave her the refund, and not the seafood manager (who should have handled it, since it was fish that she let go bad.), but we won't get into that.

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