Congrats bashley572 for posting the one millionth forum post!

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The Lottery Post forum now has more than one million posts!


Congratulations go out first to all the members of the Lottery Post community, and also to bashley572 for posting the one millionth post!

Here is post #1,000,000:

It had actually escaped my attention that we reached the 1-million level, until I noticed it this evening at the bottom of the home page.

It took 8 years, 2 months, and 5 days from the first post to the one millionth.

Who wants to bet that we won't get to the two millionth post quicker? Smile

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Congrats to bashley572 and to Lottery Post for the milestone posting!



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Congratulations, Todd !Cheers


Coolness.  Here's to LP and 2 million posts!  Cheers

*raises cup of Mountain Dew.....since his body can't handle drinking alcohol*

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In response to Todd

Wow! How cool is that!!!! Congrats Todd and of course to Bashley572 maybe that is a sign of something bigger for both you and Bashley572, let's hope!!


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In response to Todd

WOW! Thats the first time I have done anything associated with '1 million' - THANKS Todd that just made my year!

And since many of us here are into 'stats' - how fast would you estimate we might hit 2 million?  Or maybe even have a little contest of who could guess when we might hit the next million mark?

Big Grin


And since many of us here are into 'stats' - how fast would you estimate we might hit 2 million?

I'm gonna take a crack at this.........I'll guess March 2009 since it seems like this site keeps getting more and more popular. Big Grin

Edit:  Oh yeah, before I forget, I should also extend my congrats to you bashley. Smile

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Congrats to bashley572, Todd, and to all the Lottery Post Members !!

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Who's playing 8-2-5 today?  Or 5-7-2, in honor of bashley572?

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A big Congrats to the Chief Bottle Washer for creating this site.

Congrats to bashley572 on your million post mark, and to All of US who make this site so great.

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In response to Todd

I'll take a shot at 825 and 572

275 just hit PA day on 8-1 not to say it can't come again and 725 is my wedding

anniversary so I play it anyway.


Other numbers to consider for bashley:

Member #-55518- 555-551-558-518

Number of posts in this thread: 1100


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Way to go Bash

Lets Rumble or Swambo

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LP will hit the 2 million post mark 5 years, 3 months and 9 days from today.

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In response to Todd


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