Should EZMoney be voted out?

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I know that Todd is the boss here. I am just asking for opinions. Do you think EZMoney should be voted out of LP or banned forever, for being deceptive and rude to the LP members? And should everyone here be able to vote in that decision? I remember in the past Todd allowed LP members to vote about a person who was banned to be able to come back or not.

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I voted yes. He's making up fake stories and making more accounts pretending to be someone else. He has become a troll. I wish it didn't have to be that way. I wish he would just relax.

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I also voted yes.

I just don't understand why he hasn't been banned yet. Seriously, look at his posting history. He is abusive to other posters, rude and goes out of his way to start trouble. That is a sign of a troll, at least to me it is. I haven't even responded to the last thread he posted at because frankly, he is annoying and it was obvious he was just trying to start drama...again. Maybe he gets to stay because he won $100,000 4 years ago. Who knows. The only time he posts is to post about himself. He doesn't even try to interact with other posters unless it's about him.

I'm not trying to be mean about all this, I am just stating my opinion on the matter since it was brought up.

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i say NO ...

he annoys me as some others on here annoy me, and i'm sure the feeling could be mutual, but i congrat Todd for not having him banned thus far ... this is a free and open forum, just as it's easy to ignore a subject and go elsewhere, i just have to learn to be a better judge of BS posts, that's all .. oh well, these are games he plays, you ignore or respond .. after responding so much and getting furious from it, i'll just simply ignore and go elsewhere ...


In response to ThatScaryChick

I Agree!

I agree with EVERYTHING you said in your post -

-- same reason I stayed out of his thread

-- wondering, too, why he hasn't been banned yet because he definitely has all the earmarks of a troll

Hell, I even hate posting in a topic about him, even though it's about canning his arse, because it's giving him the attention he so desperately craves.


Had to add this -

WHO in their right mind, knowing his posting history, knowing what he's like, would ever take him at his word that he won WITHOUT him showing proof first????

Almost anyone else on LP I'd believe before they showed proof, but EZ...???  It boggles the mind that he got anyone to believe him.

DC81 and all the other "naysayers" should feel vindicated.

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No Comment on this "WON"

BUT>>>>>>>REMEMBER>>>>>>>EZ was a WINNER 2-TIME$$$$$$$



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his " little " lie doesn't  bother me... just stop reading what he posts... the barrier point should be when he offends or uses content that would be considered out of line... swearing belitting comments or jokes would be other examples...

I deal with compulsive story tellers all the time...

I voted no...

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I voted yes because we had someone similar to him, and they were banned.  Does anyone remember "Goose", the guy who always bragged about how his systems were better than ours, and how he was going to start a rival site?  He created several accounts, abused other posters, and was a complete jerk.  I really don't see what is different between the two. 

That's the funny thing about the Internet.  For all we know he could be the same person, assuming a different identity.

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I vote no, that's up to Todd.  We all are guests of the webmaster and it's not up to the guests to decide who can come to the party.   When the host gets tired of a guest, he can tell him to go.

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In response to RJOh

I Agree!

Although I agree with others that he's rude and does not interact well with others, we can always ignore anyone we choose.   That's what's so nice about the internet.  You usually can't block people in the real world.Yes Nod

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I voted no.  He should not be banned and whether he should be or not is up to TODD not anyone else.  I personally enjoyed that thread even though I didn't post on it.  You get to learn a lot about human nature just by reading some of the replies.

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Although I voted yes, there are a few thing to think about.  One thing is if he is paying for his accounts, he is a customer, and turning away a customer is not exactly good for busines.  If he is abusing other customers, especially those who pay for accounts, especially if he is not, then maybe it would be good for business to give him the old heave-ho.

Another thing to think about is that not banning him may give him the idea that it is ok for him to do what he does, while banning him could set an example, and prevent more people like him.

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Looks like some people got emotionally over-invested in the other thread.


I like anything thought-provoking, even if it's controversial or seems

like some half-delusional ranting or even an outburst of hysteria.  No harm, no foul.

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I don't think he abused anyone.  No one lost anything or gained anything.  But just reading some of the replies I can see now why so many scams work..people WANT IT TO BE TRUE.  Why?  I can only guess.

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In response to emilyg

Why? In another post you talked about judging and said who were you to judge. But now you judge what people want to talk or post about? Maybe I need to post to get it off my chest?

Maybe you are used to being talked to rudely and used to hearing or seeing the words he used and maybe you don’t care, but I thought it was rude and uncalled for, and I am certainly not used to being talked to in that manner, so therefore I felt offended. There are a lot of women on the LP board, he should watch his language and show a bit of respect to the other LP members. If he wants to talk like that on the streets, fine by me that’s his business, but to do it here? Shame on him!

LP is a nice place, and that is what attracted me and is why I joined. LP is full of classy people in my opinion and then there is the Pond Scum……. EZMoney. He should apologize to everyone for his rude behavior. And yea, I’m being judgmental, because he gave me reason too!

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In response to Clairvoyance

EZ-Money was interesting the first few days.  If his posts don't bother Todd -  why should they bother me.  I have the option not to read his posts.

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In response to emilyg

Because you are not Todd. I didn’t even mention Todd. You are you and Todd is Todd. I wouldn’t expect something that would bother Todd, would bother you. You are both individuals.

My question was: Why should people who keep posting about EZMoney be voted off?

This is what you posted: “


Anybody who keeps posting about Ez-Money should be voted off.”

I’m not picking a fight I just asked why you said that is all?

And I agree, I could of not read EZMoney’s post either, however, when I clicked on the subject, I did not expect to see that type of language being used and all I am saying is that I did not appreciate it and that it was uncalled for.

Obviously you were not offended by EZMoney’s post, and that’s fine. But Obviously you are upset that people are posting about EZMoney? Correct?

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In response to emilyg

Yep............... there are loads of posts that each of us choose to pass on.

Besides, it would appear that the original post was meant to upset people......why give him the satisfaction of being banned?

We can't contol some of the experiences we have in Life, but we can contol our reaction to them.

Sure hope one of us truly wins a big one, and decides to share the news with us!

Good Luck!

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NO. I see talent, creativity! could be channeled more productively. Perhaps he could chill just an ounce or three.

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I voted yes but I think I've changed my mind, aside from the "entertainment" value the best way to deal with him would just to completely ignore him, if he doesn't get what he wants he'll either quit or take it too far and do something a lot more worthy of being banned over.. I doubt we'll see him around here much in the next few months, outside of making stupid posts with alternate accounts. He'll hide for a little while until he thinks people have forgotten him and try another grab at attention, sadly it'll probably be successful. Just look at how many posts were made in his topic or all the post about him, I'm sure he's loving it.

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i got idea for real life TV show called "lotto luck"   12 people from lottery post are given $1k a week between them to try and agree on what lotto combinations to buy for the lotto. members will inclued EZ.

wel can only hop ethey win a big pot and we get to film the arguments over annuities or lump sum.


oh wait , this aint a rltv show , and here is no voting off :(




oh and i forogot to mention seems a lotm of people saying no, but he is voted off more than on? i cant even  believe anyone would ask this question.


i care about all the members here and i think we all should think about something for a minute.this idiot did this for a reason and that was to create a bunch of chaos and sit back and watch everyone guess while he sits there and gets enjoyment out of it all.let the fool fade into the past.he got his 15 minutes of attention and he already knows he has no credibilty or respect if he comes back after his stunt because most people are going to remember him for the nonsense he pulled by lying to everyone here.

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No. No one's posting style ever bothers me personally. In fact I find them humorous at times. I would not give him that much attention as he does not deserve it.


People will do anything for attention.He must be miserable in his life so he wants everyone else to be too.He reads all the post people write about him....He's either laughing at us all or getting a wake up call........Cheryl

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In response to Todd

I am with the chief bottle washer, go to the the Lottery Post Rules, he did not break any of them, and you can't be tossed out for being a Jerk.


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Wink It's official, you've got a better chance of winning a PowerBall jackpot than you have of voting a member out of Lottery Post.

Your chances of voting a member out of Lottery Post 0.0
Your chances of winning a PowerBall jackpot              0.00000000684425

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In response to RJOh

I Agree!......enuff said !!!!

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Veto him out?! Hey, we ALL may've been less than stellar at some point in our lives. The LP Family is full of colorful misfits who are 'angels' on some posts and 'devils' the next...Yes, 'integrated schizophrenics' with short memories whose 'love' and 'hate' are as fluid as their label implies.  We and EZMoney are all in flux...Growing and evolving while often moving one step forward and then sometimes a step back. EZ's biting comments were "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing" and made for energetic theater, but lacked truth. "...At least to me, and I hope to you as well. So don't give them the privilege of letting them sting you. So EZMONEY ban...


Just use the block list.

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