I Won A $86Million Annuity

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For all you no good haters, I FINALLY WON Powerball!!!!!!!!!!!! IN YO MF'ING FACES!!! Press conference with Lottery Post shoutout to come first thing Monday.



All it takes is a good system. I too see the light at the end of the tunnel.


funny thing was you were the first person i thought of when i clicked on here and saw "I Won A $86Million Annuity" and those were some pretty hard numbers too.was it quick pick or you own is too short to waste on worrying about what people think so don't worry about the haters and be careful because a lot of people are going to come from all directions.congrats!!!

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In response to EZMoney

Good for you EZ, I hope all works out for you.  Congrats...!

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Good for you. Hope you spend it wisely.

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Nice goin' man!!!!..was it a qp or your own system?

In response to EZMoney

What a classy way to put it!

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In response to chouquounette

He's sounds angry and bitter. That is so sad. It just goes to show you that money doesn't by happiness or class.

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In response to EZMoney

Why don't you scan the winning ticket and post ?


Way to go EZ! What goes around comes around, doesn't it? Congrats on your big win!!!

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Yeah, is this for real or am I missing something... Disapprove

Wonder if it was a QP or what?

Money doesn't need to buy someone happiness...maybe it's just "freedom" from anxiety or from the day to day stress.

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In response to Rainmaker101

Congrats EZ!!!

Here is an old quote from you,,,,,

Good Luck to you!!!

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Congratulations EZMoney.

I am so happy that someones workout has worked out.


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As they say on the internets, Pic or ban!


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Perhaps before we congratulated him, we should have asked Todd to confirm this? Wink

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In response to Guru101

What if EZ is a man with a female sounding name and he dresses like a woman for the dog and pony show? Would that make him transsexual?

Or maybe EZ really is a woman who's been foolin' ya'll for quite some time. Shocked


Where Ezmoney at?

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So did Ezmoney make a shout out to lottery post. Judging from the tone in his/her post, I bet if he/she really won, he/she would do it.


where is Ezmoney from?  the jackpot was won in philadelphia pa


someone said they saw him online the other night and as soon as a poster made a comment about it then EZ vanished, thing i can think of is he is getting his jollies off after creating these threads and torturing himself knowing he has done shot himself in the foot if its false because he'll have no credibility if he comes back on here without really having won the jackpot.i DO think there could be a possibility of him hitting all five balls and winning a couple hundred thousand again but as far as the 86 million annuity i'm not convinced YET.

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In response to lesonook

I strongly suggest you get your facts straight before posting! Because this is where the winning ticket was sold...... 

Turkey Hill Store Sells Winning Powerball Ticket

WILLOWSTREET – August 4, 2008 - Pennsylvania Lottery officials today announced the sole jackpot-winning ticket worth $86.3 million from the Aug. 2, 2008, Powerball® drawing was sold at Turkey Hill, ...

And come to think of it, isn't that in Lancaster, PA. 


Not all preacher ask for money in their messages.

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If you all recall, Ezmoney said he was writing a book. A book needs content!!!!! WOW what a great “STORY” this would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now he has all these actual reactions!!!!!

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In response to DC81

hilarious thank you, i didnt even notice the previous post. I was originally going to respond different but here it is. I checked my post history and found that out, but i dont remember saying that post but whatever ill stop rambling on, i dont want to feed this megalith of a post.

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In response to DC81

the "BEAT GOES ON">>>>>>>

and ON & ON &..ON >>>>>>>


& the Lottery Post "FASTER"




Please let this be the last post of this thread:




Thank you.

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EZ didn't win crap. I think he just decided to leave the forum and wanted to create an uproar before he left.

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In response to Prov1x

Umm no, this is a forum and people can discuss anything they want for as long as they want. Don't like it don't read it.

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In response to sirbrad

I Agree!




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Congrats on your free ticket PAC!

I love your posts!  Keep em coming!  I can't wait to read youre post WHEN  you win.  I know it's going to be funny as all get out!

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