I Won A $86Million Annuity

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For all you no good haters, I FINALLY WON Powerball!!!!!!!!!!!! IN YO MF'ING FACES!!! Press conference with Lottery Post shoutout to come first thing Monday.



All it takes is a good system. I too see the light at the end of the tunnel.


funny thing was you were the first person i thought of when i clicked on here and saw "I Won A $86Million Annuity" and those were some pretty hard numbers too.was it quick pick or you own is too short to waste on worrying about what people think so don't worry about the haters and be careful because a lot of people are going to come from all directions.congrats!!!

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In response to EZMoney

Good for you EZ, I hope all works out for you.  Congrats...!

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Good for you. Hope you spend it wisely.

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Nice goin' man!!!!..was it a qp or your own system?

In response to EZMoney

What a classy way to put it!

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In response to chouquounette

He's sounds angry and bitter. That is so sad. It just goes to show you that money doesn't by happiness or class.

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In response to EZMoney

Why don't you scan the winning ticket and post ?


Way to go EZ! What goes around comes around, doesn't it? Congrats on your big win!!!

In response to jackpotismine

Yeah, is this for real or am I missing something... Disapprove

Wonder if it was a QP or what?

Money doesn't need to buy someone happiness...maybe it's just "freedom" from anxiety or from the day to day stress.

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In response to Rainmaker101

Congrats EZ!!!

Here is an old quote from you,,,,,

Good Luck to you!!!

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Congratulations EZMoney.

I am so happy that someones workout has worked out.


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As they say on the internets, Pic or ban!


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Perhaps before we congratulated him, we should have asked Todd to confirm this? Wink

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Think about it....... here you are a "big winner" (which has yet to be proven) and all you can think of is to post on the forum,"In your face! Nyah Nyah, see? I won!"   

I don't know about most of you but if I won 86 million dollars....hello! 86 million dollars!....I would hope the last thing on your mind would be jumping online and telling people YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW on a public forum that you proved them all wrong. It's just so silly.

A new multi millionaire caring about blowing a raspberry in our faces? Please! It just doesn't add up. On the other hand,if this does prove to be true then fine,enjoy your winnings. But the attitude has to go,that is what I find offensive.   

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Either he really won or he's shooting himself in the foot.

I don't know enough about EZmoney except for a few buzz words in the past.

If he's lying then he'll have to be really creative to crawl out this one, since his post was very bold and is hard to live up to. If he is indeed lying, then he needs attention or has major mental problems.

Even if he really did win, I would NOT congratulate him because of his rash post. Once an A-hole, always an A-hole.

Personally speaking.....I don't buy this for a second. Odds are way too rediculous, much less an LP member winning, and what makes it even more unbelievable is that the LP member was a winner who just happened to also have the opportunity to throw it in the naysayer's

I don't win such odds alone, are astronomical. When throwing in more unlikely simultaneous events that have relevance makes the equation even that much deeper, and even harder to beat. Too much of a triangulation to be believable.

It's like saying....A meteor hit me, and a train..... when I crossed the railroad tracks, right next to a picture on the billboard showing a picture of a meteor and a

30 million X 27 million X 300 billion = The luckiest man of all time and space, in the entire universe.



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Well, lol.....I guess we can hope? That would be great to see on Monday.  I'm happy for anyone who wins anything, but I gotta tell ya........if I just won the Powerball.......I'd still be babbling some kind of jibberish in the corner with my children cleaning the drool from my chin. I'd be in such a shock......I just wouldn't know what the heck to do.  I just wouldn't be thinking about posting angry "in your face" posts to people I had been friendly with for quite awhile.  And I can tell ya..I wouldn't expect anyone to believe me until I provided proof of some kind.  After all.......I'm just some chick from Washington who posts here every now and one really knows me. 


So, I agree.  Those of you who want to congrat him thats harm done.  But I guess since I'm new here I choose to wait till tomorrow and see.

That would be really cool to learn how he did it and stuff.  I love love love to hear, read, watch stories of winners.  Jealous?.......Of course I'm jealous !! LMAO I'd love to be a winner! Who wouldn't?  Its a normal human response towards those who have what we desireParty.  BUT.......if I ever win..I would be very very nice about it.  You'll see when I post about my win....hopefully soooooooooon!!!!!!!!!


It's Monday now and still no word on EZmoney or post from him yet.

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In response to keepitreal

He didn't give an exact time.

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In response to keepitreal

no one in their right mind should post a winning ticket before having it validated at lottery headquarters.


I know I said it Monday because he said Monday. I was joking around. Maybe few more hrs.

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In response to pacattack05

Ha ha. That made me laugh.LOL


If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.

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In response to lottolaughs

I would.

It would be to say 'seeya' to everyone.

Because, anything else would be 99% defending myself, and I'd have better things to do than that.

The evidence is in 9 pages of folks posting in this forum, with about 8 pages of it people questioning him.

This is why I don't post much anymore here, I don't need the aggravation.

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Yeah, because it's better to just blindly believe someone who, since regaining access to his original ID, has posted here primarily for attention. It would be a lot different if it was someone, who doesn't have the "rep" he's developed. All one needs to do is look back at his posting history from the last several months, specifically his two "Hall of fame" topics, to see where us "negative nancies" coming from. That doesn't even start to scratch the surface as to why my and others responses toward him are very skeptical. We have every right to be when it comes to anyone who claims to have won without evidence to back it up other than the winner being in the state they claim to be from. Even more so if they have a history of saying or doing things that cry out as a need for attention.


When Monday comes (ok, it's already here) and goes it'll be even more interesting, either he'll prove us wrong and be owed an apology and the beggers will come crawling out of the woodwork as they even do on sites with just stories of lottery winners or he won't and people who actually believed him will be pissed at his deceiving them. Either way, this topic has a very long way to go.

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In response to guesser

I always think it's funny when people post "9 pages" when I've got 4.   Of course, 9 sounds like so many more pages of posts. 

If you only had 1 post per page then you'd have 100 pages.  LOL

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In response to DC81

Nancy is gonna 'get' you. LOL

In response to sirbrad

You know, at this point, I don't think it really matters if he won or not.  This post is more offending to me than EZ's post.

EZMoney sounds like an angry and bitter person, and all the negatives just feed into that.  It's a vicious cycle.  I don't know what made him that way. We have all had tragedies in our lives that could make us bitter. Some of us handle it better than others.

I find it more interesting the human study of those who continue to feed his bitterness. It's interesting how those who feed the bitterness turn on those who try not to make it worse. 

Too much negative energy.

I won't be "pissed" if it turns out to not be true.  I will be sad.  Sad for EZ.  Sad for all of the Naysayer who fed into EZ's negatives.

I, for one, have no dog in this fight.  I didn't post my congrats to EZ with the underlying intention that he is going to share with me.  I prefer to not feed the anger and bitterness, but rather resort to the manners and dignity taught to me by my parents.

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