lottery budget 2008


have you had to cut back on lottery this year due to finances?

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I'd have to say I cut back a lot.  Though the stress of my finances almost makes me want to play more to chase them bucks to get out of my financial difficulties.  But I must fight it lol.


I know I did. A lot of other things too. The only exception is Heineken.

The only user friendly beer in existence.


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I've also had to cut back on the amount I play. But I still play at least a few dollars every Wednesday and Saturday.

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Interesting topic because some people might cut back on their driving because of the higher cost of gas and have extra money play lottery games. The price of necessities are rising too so eventually it might force even those people to cut back on their lottery play.


between gas prices rising and the cost of food going up i haven't bought but a few dollars worth of tickets this whole year.

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Coors has no nitrates  Wink

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I'm playing about the same amount as in recent years, but I've always tried to limit my playing to about $300 a year.  That and books are about the only things in my entertainment budget, and I don't plan to cut it any more.  Since circumstances are causing me to drive about double the miles I usually do, I'm delaying purchase of a new TV and other items to keep the budget in line rather than cutting down on lottery.

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$429 a year is my base  amount, and what id like to automate some how.

i have a dream of putting 5362.5  in the bank , and getting the interest, %8 at ING direct out here ATM.  having the entry fees deducted, via credit card form the account , or transfered, every month. and any winnings automatically deposited back to the bank account.


the prob is, 1 state here in australia, will automatically deposit wins into a bank accounts, but doesnt take credit card purchases.


another state takes credit card purchases, but pays via a check only :(


id prob put $5,500 in account so theres extra interest to cover eventuallity of  price increases.

then i could have it on auto pilot and just get on with my business, $5,500 isnt a lot to pay for lotto 4 life, and if I am ever desperate i can allways get my initial investment back. as it is i kind of do this but its not automated.

To answer original question;

my annual budget doesnt change much, although ill buy a few extra lines in larger jackpots.

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I will never cut back I AM DUE!!!

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oh yeah!! i won't say how much i USED to play per week/month but now, i have a very strict budget and it's quite meager -- I set aside $20 per month for lottery - here's my breakdown:

$8 - megamillions tickets for tuesday's and friday's

$4 - jersey cash 5 [one a week]

$4 - pick 4 [one a week]

$4 - pick 4 [one a week]

that's my lot .. i can justify the $240 loss per year [education funds] so i'm good Cheers

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No.  If I really stuck to my "budget" I wouldn't play the lottery at all!  (she writes as she eats leftover spaghetti) 

Yes Nod

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I was at the store today and found laundry detergent went from $13 to $21 per box so I am going to have to cut back on that too! Everything is going up except the number of big winners.


i'm the person they talk about when they say the middle class is shrinking.just 3 years ago i was driving a 20,000 dollar car and walking around with a hundreds of dollars in spending money plus at least five grand in the bank at all times and the future looked very i'm driving a minivan with a bank account with 12 dollars and the last time i had spending money i bought a hamburger and a coke and then i was broke.the way gas is plus everything going up is paralyzing and suffocating everyones budgets and its a pain in the ass and a nightmare and affects peoples lives.i bet quite a few people are in a similar boat.had to make an edit here.i forgot to add that i was living in the suburbs for years and had to move back into the inner city also.

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Maybe so, but I can wake up without a hangover with Heineken, nitrates or no nitrates.

You really do get what you pay for.

Besides, with all the other crap I put in my body on a daily basis, a little nitrate won't hurt anymore than the rest of the crap.

To think years ago I detested Heineken with a

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Nice to see you post Lottomike! Miss ya around here


I voted the same amount, but that is due to a gas points card, so we are getting gas a lot cheaper than the listed price, which our saving grace.

Hang in there my friend!

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In response to Think

Wow!  Isn't that terrible? I noticed that on so many items!  I guess you have a large family and do a lot of washes.  I bought a 78 oz bottle at Walgreen's for $1.99 with a coupon.  It's called Sunburst with Cuddlesoft fabric softener.   41 loads per bottle.  I use a little extra detergent per load, and also do hand washing, so I only get around 30 loads, but for me that's still a year's worth of laundry. 

I agree, however, that just about everything is going up due to inflation.   The way some people think about money is one of my rants, so I just deleted a whole paragraph. LOL  Just one example.  I was talking to a friend (who might be a former friend now! lol) while I was eating breakfast and finishing a banana.  She said "I stopped buying bananas. They're too expensive." Well, even at the outrageous price of $0.69/lb, with the average banana weighing 4.5 ounces, you can still get 3 for less than 60 cts.  Then she mentioned something about an HBO special or maybe a movie on pay-per-view or channel 100-something.  So I said "If you didn't pay $120 for cable TV you could bathe in bananas."  I get the same reaction for spending $25 a month for vitamins from a neighbor who smokes 2 packs a day.  Go figure.

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Mike, it's not you, but the world that's gone mad.  I mean, when the candidates were saying that the middleclass families and lower income folks were voting for Hillary Clinton and then adding "with incomes of $75,000 or less" it gave me pause. 

Keep hanging on, buddy.  That's all we can do.  Group Hug

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I don't spend very much money each week so if I were to cut back I wouldn't be playing at all. That said, I sometime play a bit more, but not as often as I used to.


I haven't really played lottery games much until about 2 years ago.  It seemed that I started meeting more and more people that have won decent $$ from the Florida Lottery.  So, I decided back then, if I don't play, you'll never win!

2 years ago, I was eating out for lunch everyday and playing some lottery games.  Now, I'm packing lunch and almost never eat out for lunch...except for the $0.49 McDonalds hamburgers every Monday and Wednesday.  I've determined that I can't even bring lunch to work that cheap!

So, some of the money I've been saving from not eating out at lunchtime, goes towards my lottery fund.  Some goes towards fuel and the rest goes towards BUD LIGHT!  LOL!  Cheers 

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I still play every wed and sat. but it decreased substantially; When I first started playing which was about the beginning of this year jan 18-19 I think (the 275 mill pb win) I was I admit naive and thought that I could win instantly so i was spending 20 bucks on every drawing until I lost. Then I realized that if i'm going to win, I'm going to win with one dollar, and i've been playing one dollar ever since. I guess that is not because of the economy but my own obliviosity.

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i didnt cut my lotto budget, but i did quit smoking ciggies this year. that's a pretty big sum of cash going into my weekly budget, but i dont seem to see any of it. its not like theres an extra $50 a week sitting in my wallet, by the end of the week.  i think the tax on smokes always irked me, and now the gov isnt geting it im  little happier. and any pain from higher expenses has been swallowed by the ciggy money.

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In response to TigerAngel

Psyko has drank a few COOR's>>>>>>>>>>>>BUT, thing's CHANGE.........

Psyko has drank a few HENE's>>>>>>>>>>>>BUT,  thing's CHANGE.........

Psykomo has played a lotta money on JACKPOT games but, matrix change!

PSYKOMO has dated a lotta GUIL's>>>BUT>>> that takes more $CHANGE$



PSYKOMO would give his music kingdom for JACKPOT WIN!



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My lottery budget is $50 a week/$200 a month.

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I've cut back a little bit... but not much.  In the past I'd have splurges where I would spend up to $10 on a particular drawing.  Never won squat though.  So now I'm paying for drawings in batches.  I'll spend $20 buck for a $2 quick pick for 10 consecutive drawings.  That way I don't have the urge to spend more because I'm already putting out $20.  It's bad for me because I work in a Powerball state and live in a MegaMillion state.  So I can play both.  So technically, that's $40.

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yeah thats almost exact wha ti do one2adore.  small entry on 10 weeks then its a big spend but it covers a lot of time. if there ends up being a big jackpot i might spend a few extra bucks on the game to double my chances. like from 1 in gazillion to 2 chances in gazillion

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I'm starting to play a little more. I quit the $50 a week habit and have been spending a couple of bucks each Lotto and MegaMillion drawing.

Since I learned to keep Shiner Bock in the fridge I have a few more dollars to spend.  So I thought I'd revisit my old friend Pick 3.

My answer is more than I have been lately, but less than ten years ago.

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Yes, I cut my lottery playing in half.  And I only play if I honestly feel the numbers stirring inside me.   (As a result, I'm getting more win for my money.)  I also cut back on eating out, renting dvds, and junk food in the house.  My whole family, almost, is now converted to drinking bottled water vs the more expensive (and unhealthy) pop.  Plus, we don't make any unnecessary trips of distances longer than 20 minutes.  Since we moved our kids to a local school system, we have saved gobbs of money in gasoline a year for that alone.

You know, they keep saying the price of oil is going up because of "supply and demand"., but I don't really see how that is possible with so many people cutting back on their usages.  I think they just want to supply it to us as long as they can demand outrageous prices.

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Yup I had to cut back, but I think that made me a smarter player!

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