Don't you wish to know what Todd look like...LP Photo Album..


I ask this question because i don't know what Todd looks like...Do you wish you knew? JUst curious...

At the same token, don't you think an LP Photo album of every LP member here will be nice? I mean if is possible...


Just maybe we all disguised (if that is spelled right) for our protection !!!!!!!!!!!

Todd's avatar - Cylon 200.jpg

Yeah, we wouldn't want to frighten each other off.  Smile

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In response to pumpi76

Todd's Picture was in some news story on lottery post a while back.

You must have missed it.

In response to pumpi76

No.I'll stick with the images of Todd (& everyone else) that I have in my minds eye.What if it turns out that he looks like that Russian president that had the red birthmark on his head or like Charlie Chaplin or one of the Daryls (of Larry,Daryl & Daryl fame)?Would you be able to take him seriously anymore?

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In response to pumpi76

Question #1: No!

Question #2: No!

four4me's avatar - gate1

If you want your picture on here make it your avatar.

JADELottery's avatar - BlackStarSquare 00.png

Ugly as I am, I've done that, put my picture in the avatar.

Had to change it to something less frightening.

Maybe this Halloween I'll bring it back.

jojosurf's avatar - Lottery-050.jpg

Spamwouldn't want to scare lp members as todd said .a nice note from  winners from my oics would be nice .would like to see all lp members have the best of luck have a great day

Surge's avatar - Lottery-063.jpg

It's the mystery that keeps things interesting


I would prefer to just put pics of my critters instead of me.  They are all much cuter than me. Wink


Besides, I rather like Todd's avitar. A real photo would ruin my fantasies. Lovies  (jk, Todd - Crazy )

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In response to four4me

Yeah, I remember that.


would be nice if todd showed pictures of his corvette and the sponge he washes bottles mean since he calls himself chief bottle washer)....

I saw a picture that he put once with i think was a dog but couldn't tell if the picture was him because it didn't say...In the picture it show a guy that looks like a wrestler..


anybody remembers the title of the story or how it goes, maybe i can look it up...

what are we in the matrix now? i saw someone's with the matrix thing

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In response to pumpi76

chief bottle washer = The man in charge

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In response to Raven62


There were actually 3 questions there.


To paraphrase:

Don't you wish you knew what Todd looked like?

Both of us answer 'NO'

Don't you wish you knew what other LP members looked like?

Both of us answer 'NO'

The overlooked question, If it is even possible?

While it is possible, my answer still is 'NO'

In response to RJOh

Awwww, spoiled my fantasies. Gee Todd, not only are you cute, you look like you might even be nice. Blue Angel  Nothing like your avatar, which flamed my not-so-advisable attraction to bad boys.

I gather from the title of "chief bottle washer" that you have a SO - I sure  hope she is a good sport with of all this. Wink 

reddog's avatar - reddog 20avatar.jpg

I guess Todd could set up a link for members to be able to post their pictures. Maybe title it Family Album since the majority of us here consider ourselves family. And it would be up to the individuals if they choose to post. I wouldn't have any problem posting my balding head. It's not like I'm summitting a picture of myself to meet my sole mate like on one of those Love matching websites.

we;reallwinners's avatar - praying hands.jpg
In response to charh20

Hubba Hubba!!!!!!!

Todd's avatar - Cylon 200.jpg
In response to jim695


You know, I could post your picture too, seeing as you're enjoying this so much...  Red Devil 

Mr. Burns


First, thanx for the link Justxploring....

Well well well.....This just changes everything. I must have been trucking when this revelation occured.

For years I've wondered what Todd looked like. I even made a suggestion to show a pic a couple of years ago, and he showed some evil looking monster from a really bad B sci-fi And I have to tell you that I was dissapointed but in some strange way, I really didn't want to know deep down inside. Let me explain...

When I was growing up listening and purchasing my favorite band's music and magazines which was the group Kiss, the makeup was always a strong thread within the Kiss army community. That is, did we really want to know how each member of the rock group looked like? We would periodically see fuzzy pictures of them caught off guard from time to time, but never a full

Wow....I have no clue on how to respond from now on. It's gonna take some time to adjust to all this. This changes everything.

BTW...I was also wondering what Jim looked like. look a little yellow. Are you feeling ok?'re doing a fantastic job no matter what you look like.


Lkydeb*594's avatar - kissdollarbill
In response to RJOh

woooooooo, good looking man,  don't tell my husband I said that,  lololol, your avatar fits you perfect.

Sandra Dee's avatar - dandy

Dizzayum Todd, you ARE fine .. so, now when i IM you backstage, be prepared to get my personal email and a few pics of me in my new fredericks of hollywood gear! Evil Smile i kid i kid .. but yeah, that pic just ruined it for me - it was better to believe Todd was some 450lb geek with binoculars for glasses, with the carpel tunnel gloves on and cheetos on his belly telling me to 'stop posting links' .. now, i just don't know .. it's like a cutie telling me to be quiet, and i'm like 'oh yeah, really?' with my blouse undone .. not cool whoever found that pic, NOT COOL!

chippie's avatar - Lottery-064.jpg
In response to pumpi76

I prefer for folks not to see what I look like.

I like remaining a mystery!

chippie's avatar - Lottery-064.jpg
In response to charh20

Interesting, he could actually pass for my brother

Remove the straight brown hair and add black curly hair.

In response to Todd

    Hmmm ...

    Your words give me pause for introspective reflection. After re-reading my previous post, it would appear that my composite may have contained a few inaccurate descriptions. However, further threats of exposing my own image will not be tolerated, as I have little patience for those with no aesthetic deficiencies (or liver spots).


   Release the hounds ...

Clairvoyance's avatar - eye storm.jpg
In response to Sandra Dee

And now you will want to be scolded by Todd. So you can picture him in a thong holding a whip

Saying: Bad Girl……….Stop Posting Links!


Sorry, Todd I just could not pass that one up!

psykomo's avatar - animal shark.jpg
In response to Todd


we all know it's a DISGUISE!!!!!!!!!!!

used by "DARTH VADAR"

(NO  ONE can F@@L PSYKO) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>




i posted a few of me here when i had a full head of dark hair back in 2004,i then posted some of me holding my kids with the prison break/bald look back in 2006,now i'd have to say in the last two years i've aged about a decade due to just about every bad break imaginable.just imagine me going from a handsome guy next door look to a merle haggard/rip torn weariness,lol.stress can make a decent person look old and worn in no time.......

LosingJeff's avatar - flower

Wake up people!!!!  Everyone knows that miserable losing Jeff has Todd beat hands down. Just look at that face to the left.  Thats the face of a happy loser from Indiana.  How has everyone been?

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