Any Lp member considering writing a book ? when and where ?

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I have came accross some talented and some gifted individuals here on lp and would like to know if any of you considering writing a book . When are you going to do that ?  

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Yes>>>Yes>>>ASAP ............BUT,

won't spammit on D "LP"<<

BUTT 1st must hit "JP"

Jack-in-the-Box,,,,,,,,,,,,made a few buck'$ work'g for a livin on D road Drum !!!!!



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HOW about YOURSELF>>>>>>>>>>>>>>bigato1010>>>>>>>>>>>>

TELL US about............>>>>>>>>>>>>>> YOURSELF  >>>>>>>>>>>>

WELCOME to the Lottery Post >>>>>>>>  (hope ur not a krazy PSYKO)!!!




Who wants to buy a book on how to loose money on gambling?  The only fool-proof option is a Quick Pick, randomingly bought along with a load of bread and a half-gallon of milk. If you're really lucky, use a relatives birthday. You want a one page book for $69.50 a copy? 

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Bigato cool like the breeze from the ocean not like psykomo from another planet LOL   i can't write a book now i am a rookie . I will let you know first Psykomo ! Jester

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In response to bigato1010


"Don't Ever Give-UP">>>>>>

U-Kan & Will $$$ (LUCK is UR GAME $$$$)

LOL....................................................     ( but, don't forget to "TRY"..>)


In response to bigato1010

Title of book: "I'm a LP playa"

Page one:

It was a rather humid night in NY. My air conditioner was on the fritz. I could hear the cats fighting on the fences where my neighbors hang their laundry to dry.

My 10 dollar fan was broken so I couldn't cool that way. I was in a sauna hell. Anyway, I was getting a bit ansy, when it dawned on me that it was getting close to draw time.

In a few seconds, which lasted like an eternity, I realized I wouldn't waste time, so I jumped up and put my jeans on running to my car.

I flew out the door tripping over something, but made it safely to the car door.

After driving 90 miles an hour to the store, I get out and go inside, only to see 3 people ahead of me on line.

The best part was when the clerk saw the p-3 betslip in my hand and asked everyone else if they didn't mind if  he ran my slip thru. They said cool, no problem.

I didn't win, but the clerk was the best I've ever seen.

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In response to pacattack05

Hey pacman, no such thing as talented and gifted is that what you saying ? make your self clear . I know for fact that some lp members are more knowledgeable than others will you dispute that ?


The title of this post states the following: "Any Lp member considering writing a book?"

I was basically writing a trailer for my potential book. You asked, and then complain that someone responded. What?

You read way too much into what I wrote.

I never knew I had such a devious side of me warranting water

It's all good.

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In response to bigato1010

I Agree!>>>>>>>>> I >>>>>>>>> BUT, I (THINK's) the PAC >>>

spend's to much TIME >>>>>>>>  ALONE ???????????????????????

PAC >>> was that gull red, blond or (oh heck)

tell us what she L@@KED >>>>>>>>>> LIKE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I will >>>>> write the B@@K >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



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In response to bigato1010

there are several books out by lp posters but they dont readly advertise them aand the y seem to work as good as any..........check around


Hello there,

This is a real good topic,  i was thinking the same thing!   Yes,  when i do Win the lottery, i would like to write a book about the Lottery and how to better your chances of Winning with my system.  It is just a matter of time and my name will be known  and i hope my good friend  ( Jim) here on LP will help me write  this book.  Good  luck to everyone with their numbers,   jonstrue2u   


I've considered doing so, but is so expensive to write a book, plus if i write a book it will be about past theories...And i will not want to make any profit but at the same time i will not want to end up owing (i am talking in the U.S)...And the book will cost 5.00 (think of it as been PATRIOTIC) (the U.S.A it will cost lest in foreign countries)...which is another reason why i can't write a book because if i do i'll want to set my own price and i don't think normally you can't...Plus if i write a book i don't think it will cover the ENTIRE U.S.A...

Not only that but there is a huge market to write a book about the lottery...How? Because the book you write will only sell in the eastern side of the U.S...When you can sell a book in the Greek, Polish, Hungarian, Macedonian, Turkish, Japanese, Cambodian, Phillipines, Malaysia, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,.....Each etc representing a different country with a different language....

And what really makes me mad, is that they are RETARDS who sell in all the countries like all the countries the same book apply...and not leaving space room for others to do so...I swear i can't stand that stuff, why? Because there is a person that makes 10 million dollars selling its book in the U.S.A and wants to make another 5 million in Greece, 5 million in Ukraine, etc when they can clearly create popular websites...if i was only someone....And not only that but i've checked some foreign countries lotteries and i know for a fact that 1 book will not apply to every country...I know that for a fact...

Remember just selling 1 book in Turkey will make you money, not adding the rest of languages...

To write that book i'll have to win 10,000 - 20,000 on pick4 or a scratch-off which is challenging...I'm not going to post all the theories i written because it will not be wise...

My main message that i will write in the book is that they need to create a "Lotto Stock Market" and that they need to raise 2 or 3 billion dollars in the populated countries and countries with cold climate through the power of a pyramid and create a "FREE LOTTO" like pick3 and pick4 but FOR FEMALES ONLY, NO MALES that should serve as HAB-1....

Plus if you really wanted to reach lots of people and let the read what you have to say you will build several websites...A book is only on the shelves for 3 or 4 months, a website can be there for years...LOL not to mention the cheapness of it all....

but this are mainly ideas....

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I've got a secret lottery book in the works, don't tell anyone.



I think a lottery book should be:


1) Inexpensive(as in cheap)

2)Informative(as in usefull)

3)easy to read (as in easy enough for a 9 year old to understand)

4) written by somebody who actually won(as in for real)

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In response to DownandDirty

4) written by somebody who actually won(as in for real)

i strongly disagree with such a comment and i am disgusted by such a comment too..

Because just because you won doesn't mean your system works, even though i have to admit, it only takes 1 TIME to win....

But i disagree that someone that actually won should write a book because there are a lot of system that work but it is only affordable by someone wealthy...And usually those wealthy individuals have a different agenda...Wealthy people have only one agenda and that's to continue making money or make publicity...they don't care if the system is affordable by the economically challenged...THEY DON'T CARE...THEY HAVE NEVER CARED...



you have to see the irony about that video...


A good example is the guy from Australia...Won 2 or 3 times and you should hear what comes out of that guy's mouth....Just thrash..

and do they allow his books to be bought here in America...NOPe, because i tried it...


Sorry if I offended you and your right pumpi.  Nothing has changed since the time of Christ.  Your also right, even if the author really did win, some folks "will" still say he/she was just lucky.  I respect everyones opinions.

IMHO...I would like to know that the person offering the instructions actually accomplished the task.

We are fortunate here it seems on LP cause some generous folks are happy to help and provide valuable info at no cost.  Seems to me that they care.

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if i were to write a lotto book then it would have exactly ten pages with one word in each:

Page 1:  Lottery

Page 2:  balls

Page 3:  are

Page 4:  random.

Page 5:  Computer

Page 6:  generated

Page 7:  games

Page 8:  can

Page 9:  be

Page 10:manipulted.

I think that is the main message, you could write it in one page but then it would not make a book, with ten then it sort of or you can put one letter in each page and stretch it out. I doubt it will be a best seller but it would have the best info.

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There are some LP members who have had the book thrown at them. LOL


Pac, I like your prologue.  Well done!  How about a Danielle Steel type novel? 

With tears in her eyes, her heart beating rapidly, she rushed to the convenient store and handed the clerk the ticket.  "Please check my numbers, she said in a whisper."   Her small hands were hot and sweaty.  As he took the ticket from her fingers, a spark passed through them and, for a moment, her entire body tingled with excitement.  She watched his sweaty, muscular body slowly approach the terminal and, as he scanned her ticket, she felt as if he was reading her mind and looking into her soul.  "Can he sense my desperation?  Does he know about the long nights I sat at my computer searching for a winning system?" Her thoughts danced wildly and then it happened. The clerk turned around and began to walk back to her..and she knew. 

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In response to justxploring

That's good justxploring! I could believe that could be an excerpt from a Danielle Steel novel. LOL

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I like to write, but I really have to be in the mood. Here's a possible story developing...


Maybe he was a salesman just passing through our town, or maybe he came in

from the city to enjoy our slower pace of living. For whatever reason it was that he had

arrived, his presence reached out beyond the average stranger. It was as if the air around

him was charged with electricity, or maybe he brought with him a presence we could not nor

did not want to understand for fear that our peaceful lives would begin to change into

something for the worse.


We didn't take too well to strangers who stayed so long. At some point, they either had to become

like us, or move along. There really was no other alternative. But when he arrived, he was such a

curiosity, indeed - the talk of the town, you might say...

In response to justxploring

And then the lights faded and when she awoke, and he was gone.  He found out she did not have a winning number. She went back to watching Entertainment Television and hoping some one whould call and ask for her opinion.

In response to pumpi76

"To write that book i'll have to win 10,000 - 20,000 on pick4 or a scratch-off which is challenging...I'm not going to post all the theories i written because it will not be wise..."

In 1992 I played 1492 in the pick-4 because it was the 500th anniversary of Columbus and it hit straight on January 11.

I made a nice hit on a pick-3 number and decided go to Atlantic City and do some gambling the next weekend. The same number hit in New Jersey so I had another nice hit and played my hotel room number when I got back home and it hit straight in the pick-4. Played another pick-4 hotel room number in Michigan and caught it in the box.

Birth dates can be used as pick-4 playing strategy; for instance somebody born on May 23, 1987 might play 2387. You can play any body's birth date, some being more important than others and that's why I had $5 straight when one hit.

The End

Anybody can write a book about lottery strategies and experiences without every hitting a huge jackpot. The only real question is will it be interesting to lottery players and will it sell.

"My main message that i will write in the book is that they need to create a "Lotto Stock Market" and that they need to raise 2 or 3 billion dollars in the populated countries and countries with cold climate through the power of a pyramid and create a "FREE LOTTO" like pick3 and pick4 but FOR FEMALES ONLY,"

Interesting concept raising 2 or 3 billion dollars to be distributed to females only. Is that anything like alimony?

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In response to BobP

Bob, I know the title of your book……..It’s Shhhhhhhhhh!


I think i am going to title the book:

"Better than winning the lottery"....


But is sad because if you have a book with systems you will like it for it to make it to the library, so that the system at least is recorded and someone years from now can read it and use the systems, but that will not be the case....

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In response to benmas

Yes, what happens in the hopper or lottery computer is random chaos.

Random chaos obeys the natural laws of the universe.

Probalistic gross distributions actually occur just as expected.

What's going to happen in a lottery (gross distributions) are known
(based on game size) before the first ball is drawn. 

Most lottery systems are, in my opinion, totally bogus.   However, 
just as a broken clock has the correct time twice a day, sometimes they
win, this does not mean they work. 

Many lottery systems, software and wheels make winning a jackpot
virtually impossible 99 times out of 100 tries.  There is a big difference
between slim odds and no chance what-so-ever waste of time playing.

On the other hand, so called "experts" who are all too happy to explain
why systems are bogus, are themselves totally wrong as to why.

The lottery is like an onion. When you think you've reached the core
truth layer, there are plenty of layers of knowledge under that.



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I already have written mine.

Has the good , the bad , and the ugly, with some humor of "I" thrown in.

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In response to DownandDirty

I see nothing wrong with writing a book by someone who actually won the lottery jackpot.

I am "miffed" by people who would discredit FREE ENTERPRISE.

For them people....I would write and also title the book "Lottery for Dummies".

Thank you for your 20 dollars. 

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