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Using Sports Scores for 3Pick

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Has anyone ever use Sports scores to come up with their pairs for playing 3 pick and/or 4 pick. Like for example Detroit Pistons beat Philadelphia 76ers 93 to 84. So 93 and 84 would be the pair. Or take the 93 and the 84 and have 98, 94, 83, 34.

I think pretty much any sport would do. Hockey like the score is 3-2 so the pair would be 32, same with Baseball. Football could be for example like Detroit Lions 24 Atlanta 17 if they played now. 24 and 17 would be the pairs. Or 21, 47, 27, 47 

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It's called 'number attachment'.

Same as you would attach a kids' or grandkids' birthday to a numerical pick, or a race car number to a pick (#3 is BIG in the S/E USA).

I'm not so sure Atlanta will score 17 points in any one game this year, although they may give up that many in a single quarter... (LOL)

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I have done this before and gotten hits on them.  For instance one time, the event of the day that caught my eye-no particular reason- was the equivalent of the world series --only for soccer.  (Little league.)  That night, some of the numbers came up on powerball.  I don' t do it often, so I don't know the hit accuracy or anything like that.  It has been somewhat kind to me, though.

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In 2006 the Ohio State football team beat Michigan 42-39 and that number was drawn in the Pick-4 that night. And even though the game ended at 7:13 and ticket sales stop at 7:27, the payout was still $2.19 million. That was a hunch bet probably made by people in sports bars with lottery terminals that paid off.

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