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I dreamed that I was throwing a party for my BF b-day and I was mad because I was saying he didnot throw a party for me but then I was throwing his B-day party on Feb 18th and thinking thatw as his birthdate but he is actually born on January 31st so I donot know the significance of this date.  Also I was reading his text messages in the dream and this grrl text him saying that this is Alex Simone cannot remember the last name and she was making plans with him for his B-day.  Need help with this dream might not be a number dream but just need to figure why that date was in my ehad and I have been dating this guy for some years now so I know his b-date. Any help would be appreciated please.


Party: 995 997

Alex: 426 724

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Guess what I keep trying to find the significance of the date Feb 18th so I went to look at the numbers that fell on that date and guess what the four ball that game today in Chi 8032 fell on the 18 Feb as 8203.  I guess my dream might have been saying look back at those numbers for that day but I looked back to late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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my dream did come true and was very very obvious 812 came LNY thats 218 February 18 lol (2 month 18 day) thats how I was seeing it and still didnot play the 218!!!!!!!!!!!!

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February  (218 ) 213 775 2194

January ( 131) 686  634  0712

Girl  208  585  1185

Alex  829 7324

planing 053  3237

Tex Message 461  2150

Birthday 005  8130

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lilthing if you had posted this yesterday I would have played that 218 so hard but It was so obvious to play but I get so side tracked at work and with so many other numbers I missed that 812 lastnite, I just need to follow thru thats my biggest problem ya know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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february   510

bday   party   750

birthday   215   783   9378

party   361   075   0363

good luck!

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thanks everyone for helping out!!!!!!

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