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Most Disturbing Dream - Quite Unusual - Please help


Had a very disturbing dream this morning and I rarely dream anything that I can remember.  Dreamed I was in my office of the 14th floor downtown when I saw a very dark cloud in the distance.  The cloud appeared to be coming toward me and the distant buildings in front of the window were falling to the ground.  I walked away from the window and out the door toward the elevators only to find that more than have of the building had collapsed and I could see the outside.  I slid down the side of the destroyed building and landed in a very large enclosed glass and steel cube with a few other people.  The cube was launched from the base to the sky and drifted southward to a small island nearby.  I looked to my right and saw a massive tsunami wave fast approaching the enclosed vessel.  I guess I felt that was enough and woke up.  Other than I need to quit, are there any thoughts about this?



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building   272   114   217   5462

elevator   532   549   839   8143

cloud   222   147   900   0635

island(small)  167   422   570   5727

glass   112   342   805   0627

storm   044   193   372   1800

window   447   515   981   2805

good luck!

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Thank you very much.


wantin2win, these might be of interest:

tsunami   956   8667

cube   907   922   375   1083

vessel   878   102   856   3193

If you play I hope you win!

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  wantin2win wrote: Other than I need to quit,

What do you mean by this Other than i need to quit, Quit what.


we all dream every day whether we remember or not. Your dream is very typical of millions of other peoples dreams. In your dream your being chased by a cloud or are running from it. This means you might need to confront a problem head on or are running from a problem. The fact that you landed on an island means you are safe for the moment but the tsunami was closing in. So your right back in the same situation.

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Inside looking out 000

Slide 659 2320

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!


SC midday  965 bx,  # for tsunami

KY midday   753 bx,  # for cube

GA midday   878 straight,  # for vessel

I hope somebody had a good hit.......I did not play.

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The numbers in your dream is 114, 144, 140.  First look too if if your company is going to  have any lay offs...other than that it seems to me that you are going to break away from a  boxed in situation.  You are going to free from a burden or situation that really didn't belong to you in the first place.  Going out on a limb you may be taking an island vacation.


Ga evening 750....570 for island


Thank you all for your responses.  LuckieStarr has hit the nail on the head.  I am going through a situation now that did not belong to me and being overwhelmed with the task of getting out of a really bad mess.  Thanks again for everything.l

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