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One of those unbelievable dreams

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   I've debated all morning posting this - fairly long but ultimately need to see where it goes.

   I was working in town called Milford in some type of fast food place.  It was a distance of 60 miles round trip from my home and I drove it twice to get my paycheck.  When told paycheck not there, I became upset and demanded to speak to supervisor.  A grey haired short man came out and said my paycheck was over by something and walked away as I was trying to point out how much trouble I'd gone to already to get the check. I felt he was rude by walking away and not answering and impulsively said if that's the way you feel, I quit.  To this, the man turned around, gave me the finger, and said you're fired.  I was thinking I'd go over his head when suddenly there was this very big dark-haired man with mustache in front of me.  He said, my name is .... (something short, 1 syllable like "berg".)  My impression is that he was to comfort me.

  Next, same dream, there was a barrel or vat of beer and a customer had requested that barrel but it was the only one and another employee was pointing out how much of a problem there was going to be with it.

   Next, there was a fire at the business but each time I started to become alarmed, the fire magically was extinguished (I think it was water).  A young man was with me and he started to peer through some blinds but I warned him there was fire but everything was really okay.  He did look through and panicked.  We were standing on top of a ledge with railing looking down at the fire and a young man was at the bottom trying to save bread and rolls from the fire. He was scooping them up and I was yelling down, laughing, to save the buns.   He misunderstood and threw a handful of the bread up to me. 

    At no point was I concerned as I knew the fire would not harm anyone.  Despite the nuances of negative in this dream, it ended all feeling positive and I was laughing and amused in the dream.

 Again, sorry so very long.  Thanks.  Jake


Pay: 433

Check: 657 557

Hair: 303 504
Gray Hair: 320 402

Mustache: 512 621

Beer: 704 370

Fire: 130 030

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As you know I like to intreprate dreams as close as you dream them.  I think the big dark hair man is your spirit guide and you were lucky enough that he gave you his name.  I think your dream means that you will be a BIG WIN which will get you from over a barrel,  Fire is a symbol of God or spiritual energy whichever you perfer.  Fire also represents a person born under a fire sign that may be important to you and also a water sign person who is important to uou.  You should play 260. and 1300.  Also if you wish you should combine the  3 digits into 4 digit plays because your dream indicates you are going to get a "lot of HOT bread".  And watch out because you may get some "buns" with that, too.

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hi jake

working -to dream that you are working means that your aim will be accomplished 358-638-6358

home-signifies that you will realize your hope shortly this dream aslo promises health and abundance of wealth - 763

paycheck - to dream of a paycheck means that you will lose a small amount of money -118

grey hair - to dream of grey hair means honor and respectability -500638-1752

man - means grief and vexation 540

walk - means excitement and sad memories -816

fingers - to dream of finger is an enormous is a sign of wealth and and good health -155

name - tells of quarrels and scandal -369-4073

beer - means that you will rise to an important position in your community shortly - 767

barrel - if it filled barrel means wealth and if is an empty one means losses -369-212

fire - means petty quarrels among friends and relativees - 324

water - deceptive friendsare working you harm - 769-3915

laughing - means happiness to come -305 4110

bread - implies to petty vexations - 845-506

yelling - means good luck -760

i hope you will understand what the dream is telling you may god bless you and your family

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paycheck   575   803   320  1984

supervisor   316   

barrel   922   392   4285

beer   407

mustache   126   320   8585

railing   658

fire   300   779   006   9441

window   447   515   981   2805

bread   471   676   416   3288

laugh    389   900   842   7814

good luck!~

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In response to AGF310

VA midday  407 str8, # for beer....wtg, Jakee!!

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