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Dream (Puppies)/ Toe Nails - Help!

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I dream I was in a field.  The field was full of yellow flowers and I was pulling a wagon full of PUPPIES.  In the dream I realize I was missing a puppy and I return to look for it.  When I finally found the puppy someone was holding the puppy and puppy look like he/she was sleepy or may even was a little sick.

Also, someone was clipping my toe nails.

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puppy   674   351   3819

wagon  481   179   281   7295

field   100   690   814   8041

flowers   769

yellow   258   867   9783

toenails   297

good luck!

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Thanks, Im also looking for a meaning.  Especially with a loss puppy in the dream and that he/she look like it was ill.

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goodmorning yougotit

field --you will soon buy flowers for a friend -705-3891

yellow flower --implies to pleasures that will wind up difficulties - 929-217

wagon-- predicts that you will have diffilculties - 929-4903

yellow -- is an imminent illness to the dreamer -651-7284

toenails--is a sign of deceit and treachery ,some one is greatly opposed to you -291-5132

may god bless you

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Greeting MorningStar!


Thanks for the update.  It looks like I have to be aware of my surroundings at all times.  Cover myself with prayers is what I intent to do.  Thanks again.

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