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This poll may be good for the Tulane student to see the results on.

By lousy gambler I mean.

You learned your lesson on wagering too much when you were not that great at picking numbers.

Now that you are better at picking numbers you get cold feet and do not want to wager that much.

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First, I guess I haven't learned my lesson yet & second, my problem is calculating numbers all day so I leave little to no time for purchasing the numbers I just finished calculating - Pogo

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I have never spent too much money on the lottery and never spent any money on any other kind of gambling.

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"Now that you are better at picking numbers you get cold feet and do not want to wager that much."

That pretty much covers me...

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When I "first" started playing Pick-3, I would usually play 20-30 numbers a night and hardly ever win. After losing all that money, I kept studying and now am MUCH better at picking numbers, but hardly ever play more than 5-10 numbers a night cause I don't want to lose more than that. That is my budget and I stick to it (first rule of gambling, don't play more than you can afford to lose), even though there a LOT of times these days where I WOULD have had a winner if I had played my old 20-30 numbers!! Go figure.

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Uff Da!
In response to LANTERN

Same here.

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I pretty much stink at both so I don't do any gambling outside an occasional lottery ticket or so.

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I 've noticed i've improved my picking well in the last three years, but am afraid to bet too much.

I can see that on several bets I would have won a larger prize if I dared to increase the wagering.

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I hate to say, but I am terrible at picking numbers, be it with a computer program or making up my own.  I don't buy over $5.00 each drawing for Powerball so I don't feel that I am gambling that much.

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In response to JAP69

"By lousy gambler I mean."


I think cautious would have been a better word.

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In response to JAP69

Cautious... ...hmmm..., I wouldn't consider myself cautious - when gambling, "caution" will only lead you to losses & I can't have the losses without the wins. Wow, after saying that I'm seriously considering giving 1-800-GAMBLER a call - PoGo Yes Nod

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