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Ok Everyone,TRIPPLE 111's are coming!!

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I just found TRIPPLE 111'S IN MY PIC 3 RUN..NOW THIS IS A TRIPPLE AND TRIPPLES RUN SLOW..SO i HAVE TO SAY 1-21 DAYS..for the past year or so using the run only one combination has ever gone longer..trip 222's about 6 months ago...took 24 days..these trip 111's are coming..this is a very very accurate run..I have no idea what state or what just tells me what is coming...good luck to all of you..



side note...if it follows past patterns..those tripple 111's would be the second tripple to show next 0r 3rd..time will allways bounce around..they could be the very next one to show..



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tungsten chef
In response to lotterybraker

full moon tomorrow..the watch is on!!!

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Good Luck Tungsten Chef..maybe they will land in Canada tomorrow nite for you..good luck tonight as well..

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