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2-4-1 Program

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Coin Toss

(I'm putting this in Mystical as people who come to this Forum have a better "feel" for this kind of thing).

Our local hospital set up a walking course around the otuside of the buliding for the 2-4-1 program.

The American Heart Association says that for every 1 hour of vigorous exercise you add two hours to your life and the course is called 2-4-1.

Reading the article and being a "Lotto Playing Fool" and LP member I figure something like that just has to be played!

(This is not a prediction! Just a hunch)

Good Luck all.

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Thanks Coin Toss!!!


Virginia   214   4/17/08

Now let's see who gets the number today (4/18/08).

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thanks will be looking out for this for a while.

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