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Heads up on new $2 GA Lottery scratcher


The GA Lottery site has the odds for the new $2 "$50,000 Bling" ticket listed as 1 in 3.07.  I just bought some and it's actually 1 in 4.07.

I don't know how many people around here actually keep track of scratcher odds, but I thought I'd let anyone from GA who browses this forum and keeps up with that stuff know about it.  I'll probably send an email to the GA Lottery crew about it after I get this posted.

I bought some anyway (4 to be exact) and hit a $27 winner (9x $3) and a $3 winner (Bling $1).  Not too bad no matter what the odds are on the ticket. Big Grin

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You did good.  I'll get some.


I just received an email reply from the GA Lottery stating that they have fixed the mistake.

Checked it for myself......and they certainly have.  It's correct now with the odds stating 1 in 4.07. Smile

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In response to sorensonfan41

Nice job. It's always nice to win something back no matter the size of the prize.

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In response to sorensonfan41

WOW! Nice win!  Very lucky today!

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