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Win d's " The Old Man's Zero Trick "

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                                              The Old Man's Zero Trick

                                          By win d



                                                                          Win d ...and his dog " Zero " 


"TheOld Man's ZerosTrick"

 Theold man's zerotrick is a great way to learn about Pick-3 patterns and digit frequency. It's also a very good thing to help you remember each time you see a ZERO. This trick works in about 90% of the cases and good in all states.

  O.K. this trick you really will have to play at Home in your on state on your own State's P-3 data base.

  1. Run your finger down the hits on your data base and each time you see a Zero ......stop.

  2. Now, look around that Zero for either a digit # 3 ...or...digit #6.

*They are always there about 90 % of the time ...oneortheother


       A.  123        B. 467        C.  105 *

            204              669            381

            297               301             445

  3. Sometimes the Zero will hit with both the digit 3 and 6 ...but most times it is one orthe other. 

  Remember 90% of the time when you see a Zerothere is always a 3 or 6 near by. Those times a 3 or 6 has not hit with theZero it means another Zero is about to hit.

  Check your own State's data base out and find theZero's. Look at the day before ......if no 3 or 6 then look at the day theZero hit for the 3 or 6 .....if there wasn't Well, better get ready for a 3 or 6 to Hit The Next Day ! 

  Remember .....3's or 6's love to touch or hit the beforeZero hits.

2...theday ofthezero hit

3..or this is the best part... (the *next day after theZero hits)! 

 (otherwise look for another zero to hit) and thenthe 3 or 6

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   Several  years ago after joining LP around 2002 ....I posted a story about a conversation I had with an old man on the Gerogia/Florida boarder and one of the ways he won at pick 3.  That was before Blogs features here ....and even after... when Blogs used to time out and go away. Even the post from back then are now in dribs and drabs and piecemeal. At any rate was just that ...but a good old story and a easy way to relate a good tracking method of mine. Over the years ...I have seen folks get the details of how it works a little confused thought to repost it again.  I was younger then....  Now, I guess I'm actually the ....."OLD MAN". LOL   

 It is a good trick and a good way to learn about digit frequency in p-3. It goes hand in hand with the 2nd post on "Digit frequency." The other post, which actually explains how this this "trick"works and was the whole idea.

   It helped a lot of people over the years who play by instinct and feel.They might not care to go into the subject that deeply.  So if they didn't have the where with all or desire to go any deeper into the reasons behind the "Old Man's ZeroTrick" it was enough for them to come closer to getting the number right. No matter how worked.

It's a great way to get a lot of helpful info out there fast without much detail or work. It's easy. Sooner or later, it dawns on everyone that it really does work and it works with any other 2 digits. Until then, it remains a useful little learning trick. In the beginning it's best to use just the 2 digits.

  A classic example of un- escorted Zero! (no 3 or 6) I would bet on at least one of the digits today would have a 3 or 6 in it. Focus on just 2 numbers keeps it simple. Real shot at 37 30 or 67 or 60 if one digit returns. 



THU 05/06/047-0-0
WED 05/05/047-5-0
TUE 05/04/04                                 9-1-7  * no prior 3 or 6 
MON 05/03/048-1-7
SAT 05/01/049-9-7
FRI 04/30/049-2-1
THU 04/29/048-1-9
WED 04/28/046-0-4
TUE 04/27/042-8-4
MON 04/26/047-5-8
SAT 04/24/042-1-2
FRI 04/23/040-4-7
THU 04/22/043-4-1
WED 04/21/040-9-7
TUE 04/20/046-8-7
MON 04/19/045-4-9
SAT 04/17/049-3-2
FRI 04/16/047-9-9
THU 04/15/040-0-3
WED 04/14/040-9-4
TUE 04/13/049-8-7
MON 04/12/049-3-3
SAT 04/10/046-4-4
FRI 04/09/042-2-6
THU 04/08/043-9-3
WED 04/07/041-6-6
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I want to thank you for that information. I didn't know about the "old man zero trick" until I read it here.  I read that you were the one that wrote about it here at LP a long time ago. I believe it can be use for the lotto games using 3,6,9,10 etc. multiples of 3's . There's something to that zero theory and I'm trying to use it for the lotto games. Thumbs Up


Thank you Win D !!!

An exceptionally great tip, and love the theme of the post !!




Thank you so much.  You have pointed out something that I had no idea about. I play the new york lottery and I noticed that the old man trick has been falling in april a lot.  It may not come the same night or the next day but it follows.

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Win D, this is why I joined this site.

I back checked this strategy for Tx and i was amazed at how often it worked, esp mid day draws. Of course as soon as I try with real money I jinx the whole damn thing. LOL.

Anyway, this is the kind of stuff I like to look for on LP. Thank you for posting.

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Win D,

I didn't have to look far. I just went and looked at the past drawings for this month in NC. It showed...proof positive. Gonna keep my eye on gets the RED HIGHLIGHTER!

Thanks Win D for the heads-up!

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So you are the "old man" Behind the iron mask hey? I saw this trick a few years ago and the poster of it was not sure where it came from! I have used this trick to trap my numbers and again It works quite often in PA Mid Day Draw!



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Thanks honey


                         Kitty 4 

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In response to emilyg

Hi miss Kitty!  &  thank u Chaz for the great tip, that is awsome work.

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In response to Lkydeb*594

I wish I seen this yesturday...

014 the night before... last night... 3-0-6

All of the predicted numbers!

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 Thanks to the good old  Zero !         

  Classic Example of an un escorted Zero hitting with no digit 3 or 6 around it.  That means it will happen the NEXT DRAW right?    Yeap... and it did.   If you were playing doubles for next draw there were only 2 choices .   




Sun, Apr 27, 2008 6-6-8 ...  Tah Dah ... the 6 shows up ! If playing doubles ...only 2 choices.
Sat, Apr 26, 2008 7-5-0 ...No 3 or 6 the day of the zero hit. A set up for next draw!       
Fri, Apr 25, 2008 1-9-1 .....No 3 or 6 the day before the Zero hit
Thu, Apr 24, 2008 3-2-8
Wed, Apr 23, 2008 9-4-0
Tue, Apr 22, 2008 4-6-8
Mon, Apr 21, 2008 9-6-8
Sun, Apr 20, 2008 8-3-4
Sat, Apr 19, 2008 9-0-1
Fri, Apr 18, 2008 3-1-3
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