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had two dreams ,frist dream was about me and i think my friend nelson but it was like it was my brother harry at the same time anyway i was going to see my father because heneeded some food to eat so i went to the house but it was my brother house and my father and stepmother was there then i went outside with my   sister son dont know how he pop up in my dream but he did well his name is justin  he wanted to go to the park  acroos the street so i took him then i went back to my father again but i didnt remmber the address i keap saying walking and saying maybe is 104 or 1023 any way i woke up .

then the second dream was that me my son cilff his 28 year oldwas driving my husband van his plates number is 3867dont know were we were going at that time my son was the one driving the van  and some yound girl  was with us in the van she looked like a friend i know she was sitting in the back then we stop then i was driving back to my house my address is 1800 but on the way back my son saw a computer tower that he need to take out a part out from that computer he saw in the streets it was the harddrive from it but at the same time he came with other things to and put everything in the van .thats all i remmber cause i woke up.

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