is it really random?

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Is there really such a thing as being random?  Are lottery games like Mega Millions and Power Ball really random?  What about those systems people use to pick numbers?  Most people would say yes the lottery is totally random, but all you have to do is look at it from a differant perspective and you can pick the winning numbers almost every time.  Oh and i was just wondering....has anyone on lottery post ever won a big jackpot game like MM or PB?

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Its statistics,and luck. And if I rub my cat's belly the day of the drawing I always win half the time,100% of the time


Yeah....the lottery association randomly choose which state and what city will win next! that's how they do it!!!

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Wouldn't surprise me and I'm sure they have the ability to see what number combinations weren't picked seeing how quickly they know if there's a winner and where the ticket was sold. Then they can always just doctor the balls so the numbers in whatever unpicked combinations either have a higher chance of being "picked" or a 100% chance. It wouldn't be all that hard to do, especially if the states are in on it. Only problem is that I doubt they're smart enough to actually pull of the scam without word ever getting out and the more people in the know, the harder it would be.

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Have you ever played computerized Keno?  That is exactly how it works! The delay between games is when the computer determines the payouts from what has been wagered and played.  More people playing = more winners and  more losers.

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Nope, never played Keno in any form.

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            remote-controlled balls!!!!Green laugh

                Thinking of...

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Yeah, it would be really dumb of them to risk it by pulling such a scam.  They don't need to rig the draws; the odds are in their favor!

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I guess it all depends on what your definition of random is.

In Megaball, most of the time, all numbers (excluding the megaball)
recycle (get picked) within 35 draws.  Is this random?  Not from my
point of view!  Seems to me if it was truely random, there would be
a set of numbers that never get picked . . . . but this is not the case.

IMHO, I think the numbers are known before the drawing occurs!


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what is this different perspective you speak of?  And where can I get it? LOL  If you can pick the winning numbers almost every time, from a different perspective, then please, do share!

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Where did you get that?

I think the numbers are random. They balls are being selected randomly. We might only be getting a glimpse of a set in a series but the drawing video proves they are random.

On the other hand, I think like any good business, they have checks in place to prevent paying out more than they have to. If somebody buys multiple sets of the same numbers, they would know ahead of time to stay away from those numbers. 

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