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Has Anyone Tried This System Out


I havent orderd this-But it looks good-But then again they maby all look good-Its called

lottery logics-called how to win the lottery-There out of Boca FL-For some reason i do not think its a good choice-And there asking for like $50  If anyones ever tried it-Let me know-Thanks

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I've never tried it, but my first instinct, as always when I see these kind of things, is "RUN". Most of these "systems have already been discussed here before for free. To be honest with you, I've had better luck using info gathered here at LP than any information that I obtained anywhere else. Everyone here is helpful, and best of all, it's "FREE".


I just wanted to know-because they offerd a guarntee-Thanks-Think im going to just stick with the board here-That is if some people can help me on picking numbers for the pick 3 & 4 and megabucks and powerball-Here in VT Because im never close

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In response to kawhona4

If you want to know something about lotto-logix why not ask BobP he is a member of this site. Be aware that there are people copying his products and selling them.

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In response to four4me

I think kawhona4 was talking about LotteryLogic the software not Lotto-Logix the website.
Ted of Orlando, Florida wrote a review of that software at:

He claimed he tried to get his money back but was informed that the guarantee would only be honored if he used the system for 90 days and sent in his losing tickets to prove it.

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In response to RJOh

Don't waste your money paying for a system. There's plenty of systems here that people have posted that you can use. If they're not good enough for you, then get out a paper and pencil, write it up yourself, go grab a book on C++, and code it into your own program. Who knows, you might come up with something that nobody else has thought of. It's pretty fun coming up with new ideas and testing them. Sure, they might not start off so hot, but all systems are a work in progress. Try it and good luck.Thumbs Up

EDIT: Woops, I accidently quoted RJOh when I meant to quote kawhona4.Crazy

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If you had a program worth a salt, would you sell it ?

Of course not !   You'd keep it and WIN with it yourself !!

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In response to kawhona4

My site is Lotto-Logix with an "X". 

Timersoft sells an inexpensive lottery software called Lotto-Logic with a "C".

Lottery-Logics sells a paper and pencil system that sounds like they put more into the sales pitch then the system, which I found for $37 so if you intend to get ripped off at least do it for $37 then $50.

I suspect this is the same guy from Boac Raton Florida who used to sell a system he claimed he got on a napkin from a  lady barkeeper in Hong Kong,  When I pointed out what I got was totally different from advertised rubbish, I got what amounted to an email shrug.  BobP


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In response to Guru101

Most lottery players can earn the $50 a lottery system costs a lot faster than they can learn to program a computer and write their own.  The problem is when they spend money on someone else's system, they don't know if it was created it to win a lottery or to get their money, either way the seller is making money off the lottery.

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