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Software vs Paper-and-Pencil

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As there are quite a few commercially available software packages available to pick you numbers daily, I was just curious whether more people here use software or paper-and-pencil systems (either their own, or someone else's) to pick their daily numbers. Personally, after much trial and error, I find that I get better results with paper-and-pencil systems (which I seem to constantly be modifying).

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Software MIGHT get you two numbers, but if you think about it: if EVERYONE bought the SAME software, then all of those people will be playing the SAME numbers every time, right ?

Now, if people using the SAME software get DIFFERENT 'predictions', then I question how 'good' this software can be, it would be like calculating the interest on your mortgage on one calculator and getting results, and then calculating IDENTICAL numbers on a DIFFERENT calculator and getting DIFFERENT results...

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I don't really use other peoples software. I have tried a variety of different software of course, but when it comes down to it, I like using my own methods of picking my numbers.

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Going platinum on lottery post is better than any software you can buy. All the info I need is here, and I won $80 last night on NC pick 3! ;-) Thanks to Pick3Pirate.

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Paper and Pen without a doubt when tracking. 

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I use a combination of lottery software and MS Excel for statistics. I check the stats in excel, then feed the numbers into the lottery software and generates the lines to play. Finally i send the lines over the internet to the lottery company.

Glad I don't have to fill out those lottery slips manually any longer.

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I use a combination of commercial lottery software and my own software. I figure anything repeatedly done on paper can be done easier on a computer, unless it's so easy that it's not worth the effort of coding it. That probably just applies to people like me in particular though (I'm a professional programmer)

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I use paper and pencil when researching a new strategy, then I code the information into my own computer program. There are strategies that I use that must be performed on computer because of the numbers of tests that must be performed repeatedly on every single possible combination, of which there are millions.

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If you are a stats hunter and trapper paper and pencil will take you forever to find all the stats that are in software. Software will update all the stats in a skinny second after you have entered the last draw.

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In response to guesser

Excellent Point!!

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I rely on software that I wrote myself because I got tried of during the same thing with paper and pencil.  I developed and tested all the routines in my software using paper and pencil before I included them in the software.  Besides, every time I fire up my computer to play the lotteries all the data I have ever accumulated is right at hand for me to use.

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ill put my paper and pecil up againts any software anyday .that is unless that states lotto sold me the software

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many times, I win with numbers that I pick. I never see a red penny from using software pick.

KY Floyd
In response to guesser

Even if everyone used the same software they'd only be playing the same numbers if the software has absolutely no ability for the user to set any of the parameters. Now think about this. There are two possible results after playing your numbers. If you lose, it won't matter how many other people played those numbers. If you win while playing the same numbers as everyone else, your share of the prize will be more than you'd have gotten for playing the wrong numbers. 

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I find lottery software is useful for everything I need except prediction.

The software is great for storing the draw history and printing copies
again and again, charts all sorts and great for wheeling and filtering.

On the down side I have never found a lottery software program any
good at prediction.  And believe me I have a lot of lottery software on
my computer. 

Lottery software does not train the brain, only pencil and paper can
do that. 


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