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Listing Michigan 3&4 Digit number as soon as it is drawn


Hi the name is Bob from Michigan---

Was wondering if anyone knows how to get the 3 and 4 digit Michigan Lottery numbers as soon as they come out ???????

Yes I have the gadget from lotterypost ---butt it takes anywhere from 1/2hour to 1 hour------

Why can't one recieve the number as soon as it is drawn ?????? sometimes they don't show it on TV and it doesn't

show up till a hour later-----I do get them on cellphone for free butt that is another Hour later----

So my question is does anyone know how to get the Michigan Numbers as soon as they are drawn???????

Maybe buy computer or cellphone????not a hour after the draw butt as soon as they are drawn------????

I think alot of people here in michigan would like to know as soon as possible----

Thank you

Bob in Michigan

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The Michigan thread is pretty good about posting the winning numbers within minutes

of the drawing, most of the time.  And even the results here on LP are pretty quick,

Daily Numbers Games option or Results option


Hi CCHS13--

Yes the Michigan thread is good --butt we would like a way to get
them right after the draw----On the weekends is when they are
not put on TV here----with all the sports going on----
There must be a way to get them as soon as they draw???????
Or maybe a few minutes after????
Thank you for reply CCHS13

Should be a company that can do it--not only for Michigan
Butt for All the States right after the draw----

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I Agree!

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I can only show the numbers when the Michigan Lottery has published them.  So if you want them quicker, get on the Michigan Lottery's case about publishing them sooner.

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In Ohio when drawings aren't shown, the winning numbers will be rolled across the bottom of the TV screen shortly after the drawings on the channels that normally show the drawings.  This requires you to be watching the TV when it happens because there's no audio signal to let you know when it happens and it only happens once. 

Do Michigan do that?


Thanks Todd and RJOH for your replys-----

I have been on the Michigan lottery trying to get the numbers sooner butt can not find a way----

They say you have to wait till they post them------anyway been trying -----we will not give up till

we can get them right after the draw------when michigan lottery don't show the numbers than you know

something happeded like (FIXED) butt that is michigan lottery------complaining don't do the trick---

We will find a way sooner or later----

Thank all the people for the replys


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