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Automated Machines- the hazard

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As a faithful beleiver that technology is the wave of today, I chose to use one of the automated machines to buy my lottery tickets. Waiting in line behind a guy who spews out 80 numbers in certain order is not my cup of tea. So over I go to the machine, place in my well earned 20$ and start playing my numbers. THe first 5$ batch comes out fine. I decide to get my second 5$ mix of tickets and the dispenser jams. I patiently wait for the cashier to find the keys that are somewhere on property. She comes up to the machine, and as luck would have it, she doesnt know the pincode to unlock the dispenser paper. So needless to say, I left them my number to call in hopes they would be honest and call when the jam got releived. They never did. SO I was out  my $10 plus the 5$ ticket that waited in the machine. I will not know if I had any winners since some were quick picks. The machines say plainly that malfunctions are not re-imburseable nor is the store accountable for such mishaps. Yet, where does it say that the store or vendor of the machine gets to take money that is stuck or not used? This AM I called the store and asked curiously if the machine had been fixed. THe girl said its been working fine. I asked if anyone left a message as perhaps maybe I missed there call. Her response was, she wasnt informed and she doubted they would call anyways. I'm tired of line waits and certainly no longer want to use the automated system, so I think I am left with chiselin my numbers in stone and tossing them in a creek to see if they float. That is about the extent of my faith in machines....back to scratch offs for this gal!

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Find a place that doesn't have a lot of customer traffic.

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In response to four4me

I Agree!Just buy your tickets at another store.

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I says the same thing... Find a store with low traffic. I have like 2 grocery stores I go to on a regular basis just because they have the customer service line that only deals with returns, lotto, and cigarettes, etc. Giving up won't win the big bucks! Good Luck, Pogo

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The lottery should refunded your money??...Put a front page headline in the local newspaper and tell what happen..The store should have called the lottery and they should have refunded your money..Get mean if you have to..

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Interesting, because I've been wanting to find a machine so i dont have to deal with clerks anymore. Most seem to be either rude or unqualified, both of which just frustrates the entire experience. There are exceptions of course, and I go to them when I can, but it's a high traffic area and the lines always pile up so I feel like I'm being rude myself for handing the clerk a bunch of playslips that I know is going to take awhile. I'd rather have a place where I can just get in and get out with my tickets with minimal hassle, but your post is making me think otherwise. Still, I'd prolly be pissed and demand a refund if that ever happened to me, so I dunno

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I admire your attitude, GameGrl.  I probably wouldn't leave the store and be a story on the 11:00 news. 

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In response to TheGameGrl

First of all, I wouldn't have put in $20.00 dollars at once in a machine! Second) To put in 5 bucks at a time will do, since that's what comes out on each ticket (5 lines @$1 per-line).  Heck if they don't own the machine or they don't have the means to preform any actions to keep said machine running properly, I sure as heck wouldn't use it! I think you better make more time for the use of the old fashioned store clerk method or you could get ripped off again by using another machine or you could ultimately do without!

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Coin Toss

In Illinois we only have scratcher machines. I'd love to get machines that issue lotto tickets, but I'd be leery of putting $20 in, I agreee with BaristaExpress.

The scratcher machines we have are mostly reliable, but I've seen them give out torn tickets.

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I don't have those machines where I live, although I would love to have them available.  But, if they are just going to frustrate me as much as the clerks do, I don't see the point. 

Maybe we should find out the name of the company that makes the machines and tell them how unhappy we are with their product and how it is taking away from the fun of the experience.

Does anyone know the makers?

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