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does anyone play hotspot/bulleye in california?


hi everyone!,

was wondering if anyone on here plays hotspot/bulleye, for california, ? i really like the game but wih i could find some good numbers lol, can anyone give me some tips on it, and is there monitors for the hotspot online that you can watch? thanks:)

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Yes, I play on ocassion, but unfortunately there are no monitors for games like that which come with frequency.  Best of luck playing though.



I play once in a great while. The trick is to stick with the same numbers for a few draws,it seems as soon as you change them they come up. You are better off playing Pick 3, though, if you want to make any money.


Hey benir4u! Good to see someone else here from Sacramento!


hi there and thank you for your help:) well do you know any good numbers to play for pick 3 :) thanks

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