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pick 4 sums and root sums help


does anyone have a chart of pick 4 numbers of root sums and sums if you do please help thanks geno 126

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tungsten chef
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why not download a trial version of versabet 34. it gives you all statistics for every state and province. after using it might even buy it. i would never have won(yeah, but i still lost too)as much as i have without it.   

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Pick 4 Sum Chart:

Lottery Post Search is your Friend!

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you have to be careful asking for help on here,its some really good people and there is some really bold people,i hope you get help from some of the good ones

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Here is a link to Califdude's Pick 4 Blog that has the info your looking for:

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In my experience the great majority are good, helpful people. And I have never seen a request for help spurned by LP-ers, especially help to apparent new members. The only time people come on a bit strong is when someone is showing off. Accentuate the good and the positive.


Thanks WS for the link to the root suim charts.

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I have a spreadsheet that will work with pick3's or pick4's and it will tell you Sums & RootSums... I'd put the link here, but last time I tried posting a link - it told me "no links," so just PM me and I'll send you my web address where it's posted, it will take up to the last 1000 draws. Let me know, Pogo

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