my dream!!

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I dreamt that I won $6,111.67 on my Flowers account. I saw my sister(32) in my dream my tooth was on the ground I picked it up and put it back in my mouth. 

My cousin(38) was there I call her so I  could of give her my money for my asue but I never gave her the money.  When I went into the room on my Flowers account it  had $6,111.67. 

My friend(36) and her sister (31 her bday is april 8th make  her 32) came and pick me  up they knew I won but not how much.  So the sister was  counting the money to see  how much I had won.  She stop the car cause something did called her. she give me back the money . 

I really didnt want them to know how much I had won,  so I was trying to take some of  the $100 off  so it  could  of been less when the adding  up was finish.

what you guys think? I a 33 I would be 34 on April 9th.

I like 032, 033 and 034 Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  good luck

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teeth falling out 026 (NY 026)


money Ga 756 556 *056  0559 559

(De 8284) (Fl *450 739 703 299)(NY 056)(Ky Md 8528) (Va 532 432 0556 & 6340)( MSt 5586)


money changing (SC 999) (Wis 1999)


win Ga 048 848 378


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