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New Baby!!

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 Hello lotterypost members a brand new bouncing baby boy was born 8:05am 05th of April 2008 at princess margaret hospital.

The worlds luckiest baby boy surely brought out the 012 in miami yesterday. I played it straight every different way for six days thirty dollars a day five houses a day and went to work taught to play today missed the dern number yesterday some one please wish me luck for a straight hit later today on a baby number.

Mom caught the number though. Lucky her dealing with the baby and his mother all dayHurray!Party . Im an aunt for the first time.      Big Grin Angel

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In response to Reesas1

congratulation I know the feelings




So sorry you missed that number...but congrats on becoming a T.T (that's what the nieces and nephews call the aunts in our family)

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Congrads Aunty on the new baby, more blessings to come.

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Morning, Aunty the luck the baby brought you when he born I hope It continues and then lp memembers could get a share to. lol. CONGRADULATIONS!!!


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Congrats!!Blue Angel

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thanks everyone for the congrats well i held the baby in my arms for the first time today.

oh boy it was a good feeling the lil time i had with the baby.

so tonight im home decided to play a number and caught it 203 in miami which i play with other numbers like 120 and 231 came out tonight. mom caught it str8. Oh yeah mom caught the 147 str8 in chicago also and boxed as well.

i know that this baby would put something in my hand.

203 miami caught it box soon get my straight hit though.HyperBananaCheers

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Congrats, and best wishes!!! - Pogo

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MySpace Graphicsim happy for you because your happy

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im so happy for u take care i was wondering when the baby was going to get here

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jamese have u followed my posts where i had the baby dreams for so long til i got tired of posting dreams. this is my sweet hearting dream. baby was in this also.


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 Dreamt that a man was sweethearting a girl. They were kissing each other all over in the bed the man pants and shirt was off and only his boxers was on the floor the girl had her pants on but top was off and I could of seen her breasts. Before they could do anything the man baby girl waked up then there was a knock on the door the man wife had reached home with her baby in the stroller. I saw when she looked into the window saw the girl and began crying asking him why he was doing that to her. Then I saw her shuffling to see if she had the house keys but she didnt. I remember the girl telling her she was sorry she didnt know.

give me a number for sweet heart please.

Watch my numbers fall.  LOL




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sweetheart   380   001   920   2150

 Good luck to you! 



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Crying 222 208 020 120 709 7727

Baby 835  130 045 1300 6683

Girl 028 585 1185

Keys 886 1198

kissing 372 0793

Bed 386 6198

Breast 579 9720

Wife 187 9103

window 887 9560

Sweetheart 920 2150

Good Luck!!!!!!!

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Had another dream since this which I didnt post but i private msged it to a LP member and she asked me if there was anyone pregnant in my family. The dream was i was asked to watch my cousins baby but i knew my cousin did not have any baby and i carried the baby home.

the same thing i did in that dream i did in real life today i held the baby i made bottle and changed pampers and everything. i wished i did post the dream.

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Goodmorning LP members, I must say God is awesome and you guys are great, I have posted a few times on this site and for the most part I was down and out yesterday with a bill I had to pay by today, when I woke up yesterday I prayed to God to help me and guide me through this financial stress. Often when I come on LP I see the numbers sometimes there are tooooooo much numbers to play so I just pass on by but I asked the Father to allow me to not pass on by when that number shows and yesterday I read this post and another that I am trying to find that said 203 ALWAYS followed 010 and 011 and I said thats the number I would play today and I did and I am happy to report back that I am able today to get that bill of my head and this is my first big win even though it was just $1.00 straight, it was my first big win and I thank God so much.  I just have to say that my faith in him is sometimes not even there but I tapped into Jesus Christ faith and he guided me and showed me the way, the Lord works in mysterious ways and he opens supernatural doors.  You folks at LP are also awesome, ALL OF YOU and thank you that God was able to use LP to assist me in my time of need, this might seem long-winded and dramatic but I cannot help but be thankful and grateful because through God in all aspects of our lives, not just winning numbers, he provides.  THE LORD PROVIDES.  THANK YOU JESUS. I will post this same message in other posts with that 203.

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A new baby. How wonderful. The best to you and your family.Big Smile

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