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What kind QP is this?!


I decided to grab one more quick pick tonight and 4 of the numbers were 44, 45, 46, and 47!!


Blasphemy! Haha, I hope this other number + 23 makes me a rich man!

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It can definitely happen. All it takes it $1. Good luck.

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4 of Tonights Winning Numbers in Indiana's Pick 6 Lotto!

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In response to manofmany

Crazy! I hate getting numbers like that. However, you never know, those numbers could come up. Yes Nod

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In response to manofmany

A couple week ago,  I asked my grandson to pick me some numbers for pick 5..

He is 5 years old.  He said...  1,     uh  7,     8,    and 9..   I didn't ask for the fifth since I didn't plan to play those numbers that close together.

That night's numbers were   01,07,08,09,36


I felt silly then..

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Last week a MM easy pick I got had three sequential numbers... I think they were 37, 38 and 39.

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WOW! id cry if that happend how much you wouldve won if you played the first 4 numbers?


tntea - Can I borrow your grandson?

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Uff Da!
In response to tntea

I'll bet you'll have more respect for his recommendations in the future.  Big Grin

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That's it - I'm starting a lottery shack where all quick picks will be generated by 5 year olds... LOL

Wow, talk about untapped numbering system - next stop my 4 year old nephew's house, Thanks for the good laugh & Good Luck, Pogo

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Please, listen the next time!  Oh, great wisdom: out of the mouths of the young!

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In response to manofmany

The cash 5 numbers for Virginia for last night was 1 2 3 4 & 32. 

 I have never seen 1 2 3 4 in a row as a winner before.  Now if I ever pick that it won't

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In response to tntea


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I would have won over $100 on the pick 5.


He is only 5.  He doesn't recognize numbers over 20 yet.


As for borrowing him,  I better keep him around.


Maybe you guys will see him in a commerical one day.   He has been called back from the NDC.

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