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Brother"s Dream

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bahama mama

My brother dreamt he saw his  dead friend walking in back of a cemetery,his friend ask him where was his final resting place .He told him his grave was by the church he  ask my brother if every thing was all right  and walked away.


Dead Friend 36yrs

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deceased  771   796

walking   125   867   650   9596

friend   545   494   354   6390

cemetery   392   

grave   472   149   932   5510

church   269   163   442   1452

churchyard   239

good luck!

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hi bahama mama

dead -means mischief froman unexpected source-679-

to talk to a dead person mark their words carefully-239-138-9015

cemetery-meansshrewd business enterprise-392.

brother- means joy and prosperity-134-715

grave- means dissappointment your hope are in vain at present ,pray over matters and you will come out successfully -879

church-means a prosperous and happy life 269

i hope you understand your brother understand what the dream is telling him ,and bless you

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talking to dead 729 639(NY Md *639)(Pa 366)



brother '421 6845 (NY 341& 6593)(DC 413)(Tn 431)


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bahama mama
In response to bahama mama

 My brother's friend was killed last nite  ,this was not a good dream he also was my co-worker husband.

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