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Send me some numbers


Im looking to try out a number of different systems-

But only want for someone to send me 5 pick 3

and 5 pick 4 daily numbers to try

I play them straight and box-at .50 cents each way-day and evening-so in all-it cost me $2.00 per ticket-I will give everyone the results tomorow-So PLEASE only give me one pick 3 or one pick 4 number at a time per email-I want to give 5 different people the chance to send me numbers they think may come up today-No one will be held accountable if none of the numbers come up-Thank you

There was one other member that gave me some numbers to try for five days-And in those days-One of his pick 3 numbers came up twice-Once it came up box-and last night it came in straight for $292.00  Thank You

morningstar2008's avatar - rinard

goodmirning kawhona4

hear are some numbers



i hope this well help you ,good,luck


Will pick one out for today-And let you know if i picked the correct one-Thank You

morningstar2008's avatar - rinard

just have faith in your self just close your eyes and see it in your mind and it will happen

good luck belive in youself

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