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I had a dream about a stove that kept catching on fire over and over, even when it was unplugged. There was a gas shoot behind it that kept lighting and pushing fire in the stove. I kept putting it out. I keep seeing money also. Can anyone help with this one?


Stove: 851 951

Fire: 130 030

Money: 476 567

Gas: 813 841

Which state are you in?

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Trulyblessed - Here's what I could find in my dreambooks:

Fire ~ 221,443,1667,011,085

Gas ~ 892,102,6959,249,830

Money ~ 324,128,5065,419,450

Good luck to you!!!

 Crystal Ball 

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hi trulyblessed you dream

stove-means prosperity -215

it elso means that you will be lucky in your sperulation -338

fire- means change in your whole affair -043andit means petty guarrels among friendsand relatives-324

gas-means to smellit means slander -750and elso means that you will own your own home shortly -183

i hope your dream will you ,good luck

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predictions that hit in the past:


fire (DC 6617) (NY 726) ( ILL 033 003 0075)(Fla 033) (SC 737)(Ks Id Ont 696)(Tn NM 100)


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sorry, forgot stove


stove 315 (Ill 135 700) (NY 892)


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Love that 315 soozy!!!!!!!!


Ga evening 130 STRAIGHT

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Thanks everyone. I played several of these numbers today in NC. I hope they hit tonight!!! I especially like the breakdown of what they mean. Some of those are more true than anyone would know but me!!! I believe that my life is about to be on fire (in a good way) and that prosperity is about to overtake me. I tried in the dream over and over to put that fire out but everytime I did the gas kept shooting it back. Money was sitting on the side. I hope that money comes to me just like the fire did in the dream. Over and Over and Over again!!!!


I am with you trulyblessed!  good luck tonight

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