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Pa Help Page!


Everyone here wants to help each other, so this is where to do it.

It's simple, after you look at your workouts and the history of the drawings, any small thing you believe in you post it here.

For example, you post what DIGITSyou think that will come up and wont come up. If you can specify a specific digit to fall in a specific posisiton then great!

Well anyway after, we all post our thoughts for what digit will come up then we can get together a litle list of numbers.

So now i am going to go look at the daytime and see what my predictions are and i hope you do the same. Be back here soon!


Well i just looked real quick, because i am playing poker Big Smile, but anyway this is one i come up with and it has to be too good to be true.

3                  5                       2

In that order too. is anyone else coming up with any of those digits? and in the same place? well i usually can gurantee 2 numbers so someone anyone help with that 3rd

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Hope to see this at Midday

027, 029, 047,178, 189, 234, 236, 259, 279, 349, 378, 389, 457, 459, 479, 578
223, 227, 277, 477, 889, 299, 799



027, ,178, 189, 234,  259, 279, 349, 378, 457, 459, 8
223,  277, 477, 889,  799


Well i felt lucky today, thats why i thought that 352 was too good to be true because my bday is march 25. well anyway to make a long story short it was my wifes bday that hit today instead. march 10


However i am still feeling that back pair 52 for tommorrow daytime. im looking for 352 and 452 tommorrow daytime. i will post on my daytime page tommorrow morning for my full list of numbers

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